Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Ugly Truth about The Ugly Truth

First of all let me just say that I am not usually star struck. I say not usually but that danged Gerard Butler is just too cute for words. I mean he looks good on the big screen and he looks just as cute in person. No he didn't kiss me and thank God because I wouldn't have wanted history to repeat itself.

Second of all I found out tonight that I am a dinosaur. I am old. I am ancient and unhip. Our seat mates were two young ladies. We got to chatting about how each of us came to possess tickets to the premier. One of the girl's aunt is a literary agent who reads scripts then schlepps them all over town to get the studios to schlepp them some more to investors. They asked me how I got tickets. I told them my story of winning the KTLA Ugly Truth Contest. They wanted to know the story. I gave them the reader's digest version of me puking in Mr. LookedLike Barry Gibb's mouth. Guess what? They didn't know who the BeeGees were. They had never heard of them. I sat there for a minute and tried to think of a group that is popular today with which I could compare them. You know what? The only one I could think of was the Jonas Brothers. It hurt me physically to say that the Jonas Brothers were like the BeeGees. Not the Jonas Brothers are bad but they don't have Barry Gibb.

We also met the parents of a couple of actors but alas we did not personally chat with any of the actual movie stars. You know what else I noticed tonight? The Hollywood of my youth, the one that I thought existed, really doesn't. I expected everyone to be dressed to the hilt and be dripping in diamonds and that would just be the men. I am not saying they weren't dressed nice but Gerard didn't even shave. I just can't see Humphrey Bogart not shaving for a premier.

Now my lovlies it is way past this star struck ladies bedtime. I'll have more for you later.

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Mrs4444 said...

I guess I am way behind in your blog, but I am enjoying catching up--it sounds exciting! :)