Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Princesses

Once upon a time there were three little princesses. They were known as Tooter, Gabby and Tadpole. These three princesses were cousins of an unusual kind. They were born respectfully one year apart. Tooter being the oldest became the leader, next came Gabby who was the cohort and lastly came Tadpole.

Each princess had a unique and distinct personality. Princess Tooter was empathetic almost to a fault. She could see another person cry and she would begin to cry. She did this from the time she was a baby. She would get her feelings hurt at the drop of a hat. Then there was Princess Gabby who would put her hands on her hips and declare what wrongs had preeminence in the world. Last but not least was Princess Tadpole who was blessed with the gift of bluntness.

One day Princess Tooter, who was four years old, went to visit Princess Tadpole who was two years old. The two royal beauties retired to Princess Tadpole’s inner chamber in which to play with Barbie dolls and A.G. Bears. They dressed and undressed the overly buxom dolls and listened their bears repeat their words in bear language. They giggled and sniggled. They fought over the pink shoes or the red shoes.

Princess Tadpole’s mother looked at Princess Tooter’s mother and said “My it is awfully quiet in the royal chamber.” Princess Tooter’s mother grimaced and replied “This can’t be good.” The two mothers went quietly to the closed chamber door. They listened to see if they could hear the two princess in play. “Oh my” whispered Tadpole’s mother “do you think they have been given a sleeping potion? I haven’t any spare princes with which to wake them.” Tooter’s mother pressed to ear to the door and said “Nay, I hear voices from within.” Then she turned the knob and opened the chamber door.

It appeared a fairy had visited the chamber as there was a thick fog of Johnson’s Baby Powder from the Costco 55 gallon drum size fairy dust. The mother’s began to look for their babies sorely afraid that they had been turned into toads or pumpkins. They fanned away at the thick layer of Johnson’s baby powder fairy dust. All they could see were four little eyes floating around the room. “Oh NO” they cried! “Our babies have been made invisible by the fairies!” They heard the girls giggle and sneeze and wheeze through the deep smog of Johnson’s Baby Powder fairy dust.

“What have you done to our babies” Tooter’s mother cried out. A voice connected to one set of the eyes replied “Wook we made snow!” That is when the two mother’s closed the door so their offspring would not see them cry laughing.

My dear little Princess Tooter, this is how I still see you. Two big blue eyes looking at me through the thick fog of fairy dust making it snow. Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Princess Tooter. What a fabulous post... makes me want to go home and spread some fairy dust!!

オテモヤン said...
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