Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mad as a Rabid Dog

Dear Dumbassed Spoiled Brat Who Let Her Dog Out,

I understand you are much too self-centered and involved to call me back after we rescued your cute little Jack Russell terrier from getting run over. I also understand you can not be bothered to text me back for three days. I mean what with your social life and you know the fact that your boyfriend is secretly humping your best friend after he drops you off from your date, because you are so into yourself that you can’t see. I can see how you would be much too busy.

I also can see how you would not be able to return my call after I offered to try and find your dog a home. I know I am asking way too much of you to care enough for this sweet little animal to know its history. There are people out there who are lame and uncool who will actually take this dog for walks and give it the exercise and attention it deserves. Did you get that? IT DESERVES!

The fact that you went three days not getting in touch with us was totally understandable. Just because we were ready to call the police to have them check and make sure you were not dead and decaying inside your house is no reason to think twice about putting other people out. It also makes perfect sense that you would post LOST DOG posters all over the neighborhood when you in fact had NO intention of taking the dog back.

I am sure your parents are proud of what an upstanding and responsible young woman you are. I am sure they will rush right out and purchase you another puppy in which to appease your whining and crying.

Oh and by the way she doesn’t miss you one bit, evidently you were not in her life enough for her to miss you.


The family who kept Allie from getting hit by a car


otin said...

Some people just have no manners or morals! That is ridiculous.

Brian Miller said...

yep, i agree with otin on this...now where are those shoes. smiles.

Jaime said...

another example of someone who shouldn't be allowed to have pets. or kids.

LisaPie said...

Give 'em hell Gladys!!! Did you keep that cute little ball of energy?

Suzy said...

ARe you keeping her? Adorable!