Friday, July 2, 2010

Gladys has Painted Random Thoughts

It is Friday again and time for Mrs. 4444 to present her Friday Fragments. Go on go over read her fragments, link yours and have a big old fragmented party. Then go on over to Ann Again and Again for your weekly Virtual Girls Night Out. Have a drink, even if it’s just water, read some stories and partake in her game. Also link your Friday to her Friday.
I have spent a lot of time in Home Depot this lately. I am now best friends with Mr. Imixpaintatthehomedepot. He has coached me through the perils of painting over unknown paint with a primer and helped me pick out spray paint for my projects. Thanks Mr. IMPATHD oh and thanks for getting me back a couple of hundred on the paint by telling me about the refund program.


I have been spending a lot of time on several home decorating type blogs. Centsational Girl you rock as well as some others. You know what bothers me about some of them though? They don’t show you their stuff they just cut and paste from a bazillion home decorating magazines. If I wanted to see Traditional Home I would buy the magazine. I want to see how YOU incorporated their ideas with yours. One of my new favorites is Junkrestore. I love that girl and all her re-make-overs of furniture I would have left sitting on the side of the road. Go on over and look at what they’ve done. IN-CRED-I-BLE!
So by now you’ve guessed I’ve been working on a few projects around the amazing technocolor house. I grew up in a house where spray paint was a staple just like flour, sugar and toilet paper. Not that we used the spraypaint for toilet paper or that we spraypainted toilet paper. Well not on a regular basis anyway. I digress. So I told Kahuna I wanted to paint this little cabinet. He looked at me and said “with spraypaint?” What did he expect me to paint it with finger paints? It just never dawned on me that other people didn’t use spray paint to color their world.

I forgot to take a 'before' picture so here is kind of what it looked like only not that nice and the after picture.  Yes I did it with Krylon because nothin says love like Krylon.

Before Pot

After Pot


I went to a seminar last weekend and guess what? Once again I got seated behind this guy. If I would have had a can of spray paint I would have spray painted his turbon gold.


Did you know you can shop Goodwill on line?  Yep it's  Now I wonder if you can get them to come pick up your stuff on line? 
Which leads me to another question.  Why do I donate stuff to Goodwill and then go and buy more stuff from Goodwill?  Why is everyone elses stuff so much more appealing than mine? 

Here are some things that make me happy.

Trooper Bob telling stories

Being able to say I knew him when...
Travis is now playing for Boston's farm team

Matilda and Missy

Seeing my little nephew all growed up and haired over.

Need I say more?
Happy 4th!

Now go on and be good to one another and remember thoughts become things, think good ones.


Mrs4444 said...

Good job on the restoration projects, Gladys! I love home depot! Those paint guys/gals are so nice and helpful. Okay, I give....refund program?

Junkrestore--Very impressive, especially her beautiful PIES!

Happy 4th to you, too :)

Tracy said...

I would have painted that turban with a smiley face or maybe a frowny face...depending on my mood!
Nice restoration projects. This is good motivation to get some of mine done.