Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lawrence of Suburbia Part V Oh Goddess!

Remember the old seriel stories?  Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, King of the Texas Rangers (do you see a recurring theme here?) where there was this hero and he saved the village and restored law and justice?  Yeah this isn't one of those.  This is the misadventures of a young girl trying to figure out her place in things. 

This is part 5 of my story if you are following if not and want to catch up it starts here Lawrence of Suburbia or you can go to my sidebar and click on my tags: Lawrence of Suburbia and it will take you to the series.  Now return with me to those thrilling days of yesteyear... Hi Ho Gladys...


Gladys arrived at the beautiful prairie style house located just outside of town. She drove up the road marveling at the way the lights glittered in the windows and the smell of hay. Her little car eased up the caliche circle drive and she parked in front of the brightly lit porch. Gladys looked around and thought someday I want to have a house like this. Wouldn’t it be grand to be married to Omar and live here with Hawkeye? We could walk the fields and feed the cows and have horses.

She was awakened from her reverie “Hey Gladys! Glad you found the place!” Eunice dressed in a colorful caftan came down the steps from the porch carrying a margarita glass. She reached over and kissed each of Gladys’ cheeks “come on up here and bring that bucket of chicken.” They climbed the steps and settled into a couple of wooden rocking chairs on the porch. Gladys was overwhelmed by the hominess and comfort of the whole pastoral setting. It was as if she were in a movie or better yet a Laura Ingalls Wilder book. She could see it now Little Gladys on the Prairie. She would be in a skirt and apron waiting for Pa to return from getting supplies in town at the Olson’s General Store.

Gladys realized Eunice had asked her a question and she swallowed her gulp of tangy lime and tequila “I’m sorry what did you say?” Eunice patted her on the hand “Hun, what was all the water works about this afternoon? You got man problems?” Eunice’s question was a hot poker on the wound. “Yep” Gladys was able to choke out. Eunice picked up a heavy glass pitcher with a blue rim and poured more liquid into Gladys glass. She sat down took a deep breath and lit a little incense stick. The aroma of sage and patchouli saturated the early evening air. Then Eunice began to chant “ohhhhmmmmmkneeekholeee” over and over again. Gladys shifted uneasily in her chair and took another big gulp of the salty lime concoction. She watched as Eunice went through her ritual wondering if she were some type of witch doctor or voodoo lady.

When Eunice had finished her chant she leaned over and ran her finger through the ashes of the burned incense. She got up from her seat and walked over to Gladys. She began to chant “release this child from her heartbreak, release her from her suffering, and release her from the grasp of this man.” Gladys sat frozen in her chair unsure if she was a part of some type of satanic ritual or if her new found friend was crazy as a bed bug. Gladys watched intently and silently as Eunice lifted her hands over her head and cried out for the goddess’ protection. She wiped the ashes up Gladys forehead and down her nose. She swiped up another batch of ashes and shook them over Gladys head then fell to her feet and whispered “so it shall be”.

Gladys didn’t know what the proper etiquette here was. Had she been in her church back home she would have said a resounding AMEN. She was out of her element and just what goddess was Eunice crying out to? Should she make a comment or stay silent. Nurse Meme had always said when you don’t know what’s going on it’s best to keep your trap shut. That is precisely what Gladys did with the exception of downing the rest of her tangy drink.

Eunice once again took her seat and grabbed Gladys by the hand “Okay hun, nothing you say or think about this man will hurt you anymore. You are under the protection of the goddess. Go on and tell me all about this bastard who obviously broke your heart.” Gladys sighed and held her glass out for a refill; she needed some liquid energy to get her started. She took a drink and then told Eunice the whole story, well almost the whole story. She told her of the Sundays at the lake, the late night dinners and the trips to the afternoon matinees on her days off but for some reason kept both his occupation and name to herself.

They had been on the porch for several hours and had consumed several pitchers of margaritas yet Gladys still felt incredibly thirsty. “Hun, there is another pitcher of these in the freezer in the kitchen. You wanna get them” Eunice asked. Gladys giggled, hic-cupped “sure.” She stumbled from her chair and made her way through the tastefully decorated old farm house. She could feel the tequila taking over her body and mind. Her face was numb, a sure sign that she was tipsy. She found the kitchen and the big green refrigerator. She opened the freezer and found not one but three more pitchers of margaritas. Boy, Eunice must really like margarita’s she thought. She set the glass container on the table and turned to shut the freezer door when she heard a dog barking and whining at the door. Gladys walked over to the screen door turned the latch and was instantly assaulted by the biggest most beautiful Irish setter. He jumped on her and began to lick her face.

Gladys was instantly sober. How could this be? How could Hawkeye be here at this house? How could he be here at this house miles from anywhere? She looked around the kitchen and it didn’t make sense. Maybe he had escaped from Omar on one of his excursions. Omar must be mad with worry. He must be panicking. She had to get Hawkeye in her car and back to Omar. She grabbed Hawkeye by the collar and started back out to the porch to explain to Eunice why she must go.

She pulled the big dog through the parlor but as she did something caught her eye. There above the fireplace mantle as big as could be was a beautiful black and white photograph. Gladys stopped and gasped as she looked at the photo. It was taken outside on the porch steps of this very farmhouse. There was no mistaking that the dog in the picture was Hawkeye and that the other two subjects were Eunice and Omar. They were kissing with Hawkeye looking up at the two of them. The picture radiated happiness and love.

Gladys was paralyzed. Her pickled brain was trying to process what she was seeing. Hawkeye was trying to pull her back into the kitchen and her feet were melded into the floor. Then the light bulb illuminated and it all became clear. Gladys let go of the Irish setter and turned for the door. She ran as fast as she could through the house and out the door. She literally flew from the porch and was driving down the drive before the screen door shut. Her last impression was of Eunice standing on the porch mouth agape and margarita glass held up in a protest.

Tune in next week and don't forget to drink your Ovaltine....


Ms Martyr said...

Oh, poor Gladys. Can't wait to find out what happens next.

RA said...

Poor Gladys. Seems your days of innocence are over....

grandmamargie said...

Oh, my, didn't expect that.