Friday, March 25, 2016


As women we work hard to be beautiful and look just like the women in magazines.  Oh crap I just showed my age, I mean on Instagram or Snap Chat or whatever the heck is popular today.  We all want to look young, hip and pretty.  Right now eyebrows are popular.  Unfortunately I have three maybe four eyebrow hairs, not on each side but total.  I decided that I would try out Wonder Brow, the product that magically gives you eyebrows

Let me tell you a little bit about the product.  It claims it is water proof.  You can go swimming pop out of the water and still have eyebrows.   You can rub it and it won’t smudge.  You can comb through it and smooth out what REAL eyebrow hairs you have.  You can apply make-up.  This all sounded perfect.  This is just what I needed.   

I ordered the product on Thursday and received it Saturday.  So far so good, right? 

 I watched the video.  I read the instructions.  I am a relatively intelligent mature woman who has applied make-up before.  I can do this.  I promptly ran upstairs and scrubbed my face and began the application process.  The color was a little darker than I normally use, but hey I can work around that.  I began with fine strokes just like the video said.  Only instead of strokes it was more like a glob here and a blob there.  No problem I’ll smooth it out.  I smoothed here and wiped there and brushed and added a little more. 

When I was done I looked like Frieda Kahlo.  Yeah I think I need more practice and decided to take it off.    I took a shower.  I scrubbed my face.  They did not lie.  It does not come off.  I scrubbed my face.  It does not come off.  I took a jack hammer to it.  No luck. 

My husband noticed my new eyebrows.  He asked me if I had been working on the car because I had a smudge on my forehead.  He tried to remove it by spitting on his finger and rubbing vigorously across my brows.  It did not come off.

So if you use this product.  I highly recommend lots of practice.  You might want to actually have more than 4 eyebrow hairs or it looks painted on.  Use an oil based product to get it off.  If you make a mistake and color outside the lines you will look like a freak for at least 2 days.    Other than that it does what it says.  It gives you eyebrows and it is water proof.

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jeannine nye said...

that was just the funniest post I have read for a great while... and about this product, I sent it to Canada where my daughter lives as her eyebrows were getting bit thin, and she thought it worked very well, so you must have had a dud one... I do hope it doesn't put you off trying a similar thing again if you need more eyebrows** My own have got quite sparce, and when I try to paint on more, it too looks like nothing that can be described... but oh how you made me chuckle, I shall be back to read more, as I have now joined up and become a member of your fan club***