Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Triangle of Love

It is here! The day of the week that comes way too soon. Theme Thursday is upon us. Every week I wonder where time has gone. How come when I was in third grade it seemed to take forever for lunch time to arrive yet these days it seems as if I just had breakfast and it’s already bedtime? This week’s theme is triangle. I have to tell you that I am probably one of the most musically untalented people you will ever meet. When I was in elementary school music class they took every musical instrument away from me because of my lack of talent, including the triangle. Yes I could not even get banging a metal rod on another bent metal rod right. That didn’t stop me though, I eventually was given a pair of castanets and stuck in the back of the room to try and keep time with the rest of the semi and truly talented kids. I digress. This weeks theme being triangle made my mind go in many directions and then it hit me. I knew just where to place my coordinates. I knew I must talk about the love triangle in my past.

She looked at him lovingly and longingly. The tension in the air was palpable. He knew Bonnie was taken. Her lover, Butch, sat next to her but she longed for him, Clyde. His shiny black hair and big brown eyes made her lick her lips as she watched him move across the floor.

He took a drink and looked at her again this time not guarding his stare. He admired her golden blond hair hanging long and silky over her petite frame. He could smell her sweet perfume which drove him crazy. He wanted her so bad he was shaking. His heart raced and his mind became muddled. He had to do it. He had to challenge Butch for the woman he loved.

Butch felt the tension. He saw the way Clyde lusted after his woman. The stares between the two did not go unnoticed. He was determined to protect his position. He would not let this inferior male come between him and his beloved Bonnie. He would fight to the death if he must but he would not give her up. He positioned himself between Bonnie and Clyde. He made a deep guttural sound alerting them that he was in control and not to be trifled with.

Clyde had enough. His adrenaline was flowing like a river overflowing its banks. He could restrain himself no more and he made his attack. It was brutal and bloody. He went right for Butch’s vulnerable side. He grabbed hold of the bigger stronger male’s neck and would not let go.

Bonnie screamed and ran in search of safety. She sat cowering watching the brutal display by these two men who allured her so. She could not take her eyes from the scene which played out in front of her. She knew they would not stop until one was disabled or dead. She sat frozen feeling helpless yet a little enthralled.

Clyde threw Butch on the ground and was going for the kill just as Gladys walked in the room and caught them. She grabbed the little black Yorkie-poo, Clyde, off of Butch, the Yorkshire Terrier, and scolded them both as she stuffed them in their kennels. She lifted the skirt from the couch and pulled the shaking Bonnie, the tea cup Yorkie, into her arms. She kissed the little dog on her head and asked “aren’t you ashamed of yourself for becoming involved in this ugly love triangle?” Bonnie blinked her big brown eyes, sniffed and stared longingly at both of her men. “Come on little girl. Time to go get you fixed” Gladys declared as she carried the little dog to the car for her ride to the vet.

That is how this guy got the name KILLER.


Brian Miller said...

smiles. cute little one you got there...and glad killer made it through that love triangle...they can be deadly you know.

happy tt!

LisaPie said...

Too darned funny! I loved it.

AngelMay said...

Pretty good - but Bonnie had to pay the price by getting "fixed".

(Actually I'm a BIG BIG BIG believer in Spay and Neuter. There are just too many unwanted and suffering animals out there...)

RA said...

Brilliant! I absolutely loved it.

PattiKen said...

Very cute. I saw it coming, I think because of the names.

Baino said...

Awww seems unfair that she had to pay for the boy's bad behaviour. Then I guess you didn't want little Clydes roaming around the living room.

VE said...

Looks like a killer to me ;)