Monday, September 20, 2010

What Was Behind Curtain # 2

Wow did that birthday flu ever really knock me for a loop.  I mean here it is Monday night again and I haven’t even posted my Theme Thursday.  They are doing it a little different this week.  They, again who the heck is ‘they’, gave us a theme ON Thursday and sent us out into the world to reveal the theme.  I wallered and wrestled and tried to think of how to reveal the theme.  Then it hit me square in the face they wanted me to WRITE about reveal.  I thought long and hard and tried to think of something to reveal then it hit me.  So I am here to REVEAL my story for Theme Thursday on Monday.  Go on over to THEME THURSDAY and see what everyone else revealed.

Gladys fluffed her hair and applied another layer of mascara then smiled to make sure her luscious pink lipstick hadn’t stuck to her teeth.  She smiled in the mirror and turned to Alice “I am so excited!  Bobby Lee and I are going to dance in the tango hustle contest.  You know first prize is a trip for two to the Bahamas.”  Alice swept another brush full of bronze beauty blush on her cheekbone and raised her eyebrows “you really like Bobby Lee don’t you?”  Gladys giggled a little “he is soooo good looking and dances really good.  Don’t you think he’s handsome?”  Alice turned put her hand on her hip and replied “yeah, he’s good lookin alright but somin just ain’t right about him.  I mean he’s big and tough but I’m tellin ya there is somein weird about him.”  Gladys waved her hand and headed out the door. 

Gladys walked out to the big GMC Jimmy and let Bobby Lee open her door “Gladys you sure do look sweet tonight.  I am so glad you wore that blue leotard it matches your eyes.  I love those shoes.  Are they new?  The ankle strap looks very retro.”  Bobby Lee looked Gladys up and down one more time before he helped her into the truck.  Gladys smiled at the thought that Bobby Lee always noticed every thing she was wearing.  He always commented on her clothes and her jewelry, heck sometimes he made suggestions about which earrings or shoes she should wear with certain outfits.  Most of her boyfriends thought that a mule was something that pulled a wagon and a pump was what brought oil out of the ground, not Bobby Lee.  He knew mules were shoes with no backs and pumps went with everything from blue jeans to evening gowns.  Yep he was a man’s man who knew what looked good on women.

They arrived at the disco and made their way through the waiting crowd.  Everybody knew Bobby Lee.  He was friendly and amiable and just a fun guy to be around.  They greeted him with hoots and hollers as he adjusted his Angel Flight polyester pants and pulled the collar up on his polyester shirt.  John Travolta had nothing on Bobby Lee.  Gladys beamed with pride to be on Bobby Lee’s arm as they sashayed to the dance floor and began to hustle.  They sashayed left and boogie right.  They dipped and turned and began it all again.  Dancers separated and circled the floor as the couple danced across the floor.   They were the Fred and Ginger of the Hustle. 

The disc jockey announced that the dance off was about to begin.  Gladys and Bobby Lee checked their appearance each adjusting each others outfits and then hugged.  The music began and they moved in perfect rhythm.  He gripped her tight and they moved across the floor as he twirled and whirled and dipped her.  They were perfection both moving as one Bobby Lee offering little whispers of encouragement.   Their turn was almost over when Bobby Lee dipped Gladys into a deep back bend and leaned over and whispered in her ear. 

Instead of releasing and being pulled back into his waiting arms Gladys turned the wrong way and landed on her back.  He reached to pull her in as if it were all part of the choreography but Gladys was in such shock from what he had just revealed she couldn’t move.  The crowd gasped and there she lie on the floor in a strange contortion.  Bobby Lee quickly grabbed her up into his arms and did a couple of spins but his revelation had spoiled the synchronicity of their dance.  The song ended and so did their chance of winning the big trip.  Gladys walked off the dance floor in shock and embarrassment. 

Alice ran after Gladys as she made her way to the ladies room.  “Honey!  What happened out there?  You guys were winning it.  You were perfect.  What the hell happened?”  Gladys turned her glazed stare towards her friend and said “it was what he revealed to me.”  Alice hugged Gladys trying to reassure her “oh, honey it can’t have been THAT bad.”  Gladys sniffled a big sniff and began to cry.  Then she revealed what Bobby Lee had said.  “Alice, he said if we won he wanted to take his boyfriend with him.  He is GAY!”  Alice sat down on the floor with a whomp and said “well that explains a lot!”


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