Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Soul Sucker

Gladys sat in the feel good place listening to the sounds of the beauty around her. She sat peaceful, safe and happy in this place just as it was meant to be. The angel woman fluttered in and floated out of the space delivering unto those who visited love and beauty. She watched as one by one they came from the feel good place glowing and shining.

Gladys sat listening to the conversation between the two women. She watched as one woman wailed and the other listened patiently. Gladys looked up from her notes and noticed something odd about the wailing woman. She was black. Not African American or even covered in soot, there was a blackness surrounding her. Gladys automatically thought of the Charles Schultz character PigPen and how when he walked he brought this cloud of dirt with him. That is how this woman was, a cloud of blackness.

Gladys had always heard how others could clearly see auras and energy. It wasn’t that she wasn’t capable or didn’t believe but she had just never experienced one so pronounced. This was the thickest darkest aura she had experienced and it was overbearing.

She cried and wailed as the angel with the open heart listened and consoled. Gladys watched the scene play out and felt ever more constricted. The wailing woman continued with her plight of woe, something about money and shut of utilities, as she talked the ominous black cloud around her thickened and swirled filling up the space consuming all the air.

Gladys felt herself gasping for air as her chest compressed with the weight of the blackness. She felt the hair on her neck start to rise and the need to run was great within her. She watched as the two women walked from the room. The oppression lessened as the dark cloud moved away from her. Gladys wanted to run after the angel woman and rescue her but knew that there was nothing she could do to save her from the soul sucker. Gladys pulled within herself and felt her shoulders draw in.

Gladys waited in guarded anticipation, knowing that soon the soul sucker would again emerge from the depths of the feel good place. She hoped the soul sucker had not robbed the peace and tranquility from the feel good place but knew that it would not be the same until the black energy was gone and the space was cleansed. It made her sad and she decided to make sure before anyone else entered the space she would cleanse it. She took a deep breath and tasted the vile aroma of the darkness she left in her wake. Yes, she would cleanse this space.

The angel appeared with the soul sucker and brought her in front of Gladys. The soul sucker then turned toward Gladys and began spewing and spitting her darkness. Gladys pulled into herself and protected her heart from the darkness. She watched as the angel guided the soul sucker from the room and guided her out the door. The soul sucker wailing and keening left the feel good place.

Only after the soul sucker left and the angel returned was Gladys able to rid herself and that of the angel of the caliginous.


Anonymous said...

Gee, Gladys, I am sorry I had such as effect on you!
Maybe next time I come visit you can cleanse my aura or something.
Quirky Cousin

Anonymous said...

...of course I had to look up

Gladys said...

No it wasn't you but I will be happy to cleanse your aura but it is already beautiful.

Joanie said...

great post - I've had a similar experience (and I, too, had to look up "caliginous"...