Monday, October 2, 2017

The Incident of the Shabby RV at Night

So, this happened...

Last week my Kahuna had travel out of town which meant he had to leave extra early.   We drag ourselves out of a nice comfortable slumber as the alarm screeched at us.  This was around 3:30 in the morning.  As is my pattern I rose and made him coffee and packed his lunch and breakfast.  We said our goodbye at the door.  I noticed an older shabby motorhome had parked across from us in the middle of the night. Odd but not alarming.

 Let me explain a little.  We are living in a motor home in a very nice R.V. Park at a Native American Casino.  Lots of nice rigs in a very quiet park.   

I went back to bed but traveling with a little dog you never get to sleep in.  I got up around six to let Bozz out to pee.  Which is when I noticed that there was a young man in a Kia parked across from me at the shabby RV. 
 Ok Odd but still not alarming. I mean people wait for people all the time, right?  I got ready to go to the store at about ten a.m. and the Kia was still parked in front of RV with the guy still sitting there. You know that feeling in your gut when something just doesn’t seem safe?  Yeah, I had that.  I needed to go grocery shopping and got in my car but still felt apprehensive about both the RV and the man waiting in front.  As I was leaving the park the ranger pulled in. I stopped and told him what spot I was in and what I had witnessed. He told me thanks and I went on my way.

 I got back to my RV around noon and low and behold the little Kia pulls in shortly after I did. This crack head looking guy got out of Kia ran into RV and then came back out and took off in a hurry. About an hour later I took Bozz for a walk and came back to sit outside and again another car pulled up to RV, guy gets out ran into RV and then out and sped off. This happened all afternoon. It was like watching a revolving door.  Car would pull up, person get out ran into the RV, door would fly open, off they would speed. 

 I walked to the office and told the girl at the desk what I had seen. I told her something just seemed sketchy. She asked what spot and I told her. She jumped up and told me that there is no one in that spot. Ummm Yeah there is.  She called the ranger who informed her he has stopped by there twice on suspicious vehicle calls, but had observed nothing. OK... I go back to RV.

Within minutes of me sitting down in my chair and opening my book a car sped up to RV. A girl jumped out and started pulling the hook-ups. It was like Mario Andretti’s pit crew.  She had water, sewer, power and cable pulled and in the RV in seconds flat.  They fired up the rig and drove off down the road, WITH SLIDE-OUTS STILL OUT.  Yes, that is what I said.  The slide outs were still fully extended.  They pulled up the road a little and I watched as four scruffy looking young men ran through the bushes and hopped into the shabby RV.  They goosed the diesel engine and in a cloud of bluish-black smoke they sped rocking and swaying out of the park, WITH SLIDES STILL FULLY EXTENDED. 

The girl from the office sped toward the listing RV she took the first corner on two wheels of her golf cart followed by the Tribal Police and the Park Ranger.  They convened in front of the vacated spot.  I stood and yelled to them “You just missed them.  They just rounded the corner in a cloud of smoke, but I don’t think they will get far”.  Ranger Tom called back “Why not?”  I laughed “THEIR SLIDES ARE STILL OUT”.   Ranger Tom and TPD Officer Brent sped off in pursuit of the shabby RV with its slides extended.  The girl from the office checked to make sure nothing had been damaged in the expedited exit of said RV. 

Later I spoke with the front desk and they told me that they had indeed caught the shabby RV down the road trying to suck in their slides and that they had been apprehended and dealt with.  And yes, to answer the big question in the spirit of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White it was indeed a meth RV.

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Joan in NV said...

Oh. My. Hell.

But a great story!