Sunday, March 28, 2010

Runny Noses and Rushing Horses

Once again Kahuna drug me from my lolling about and out into public.  We loaded up all three dogs and went to find adventure or better said went to find a place to walk the dogs where there was grass and open areas. 


We ended up at Galway Downs not far from where we are staying this week.  

This weekend was the International Horse Trials.  Maybe you remember a couple of weeks ago Kahuna took me out to 3 Day Ranch to watch the cross country races (click on it and read all about my Spring Forward Day).  This was a much longer course or maybe it just seemed longer.  Anyway we went to watch a lady we met at The 3 Day Ranch event ride her novice horse.  Now I'm not at all sure what that means.  I know that nun's are novices before they are nuns.  Maybe that means the horse has to wear all white habits and say hail Mary's and stuff.  I'm not Cataholic but I did watch The Flying Nun and she was a novice.  I adored that show.  I watched it every time it came on and would mark the TV Guide to make sure everyone in the house knew I was going to watch it.

And did you ever wonder what this novice had going on with the hot Latino, Carlos Rameriz?  Was there some hanky panky going on?  I digress

I have told you before that Kahuna has never met a stranger and well these events just give me more proof.  He somehow struck up a conversation with a very nice lady from Wolf, Wyoming.  She isn't just any old Wolfonian, and not to be confused with a Cougar, though, she happens to be one of the owners of the historic Eatons Dude Ranch.  Yes the very same one that Felicity Huffman, Lynette of Desperate Housewives, talked about on Ellen.

Anyway she was here competing and told us about the Galway Downs event so we decided to go check it out. 

Now I have been a horse person my whole entire life.  I love horses and have owned horses but this is a horse of a different color.  You see my horses were ranch horses.  They chased cows and circled barrels.  They were wonderful horses, don't get me wrong, but the three of them would not have been a down payment on one of these horses. 

The day was extremely windy.  No really I mean 60 mph winds blowing me this way and pushing me that.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to stand still and try to take pictures of rushing horses and bounding riders while trying to not blow to the four corners of existence?  Well it ain't easy let me tell you. 

You end up with dusty pictures like this or worse pictures that look like this.

Then every once in a while everything lines up and you get a better shot.  Notice I didn't say great?  Yeah it's because I'm like those nun's in the white habits, I'm a novice. 

Hey I could have been the flying novice photographer if I would have just had one of those cooky novice hats.

So I sat in the dirt and waited and snapped and clicked away.  Hoping beyond hope that I could mess with the dials on my camera enough to get a couple of decent shots.  Don't tell me "Well Gladys, just photochop them."  Because I don't photochop.  I am horrible at photochop in fact I failed photochop's online class.  Can you fail on an online class? 

I didn't bring my tripod and I didn't have one of those fancy schmancy lens shades all I had was me.  So I snapped and clicked and you know what I realized?

I don't have a clue what I'm doing.  I change my settings and I zoom in my lens and no two pictures are consistant. 

But you know what?  I don't care!  I had a blast, being blasted out there in the wind, weeds and manure.  The dogs had a great time and got lots of exercise.  So much so that they all slept for hours and hours.  Well all of them exept The Bozz.

He was rip roaring and ready to go. 

I also got a bad case of lens envy.  I don't know what these lenses do but they are big aren't they?  Don't they look like you could take really awesome pictures with them? 

Yes I definitly had Lens envy.  Look how BIG!  Can I touch it?

I also realized I'm old.  I saw this girl and thought were are her pants?  Instead of cute shorts, wonder where she got her Uggs.
Well that's what I did over my weekend.  What did you do?

The End.


AngelMay said...

The Bozz is SO cute. Just want to hug 'im. :)

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I think your pics look great, big lens or no big lens.