Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward Day

Once again Kahuna snatched Gladys from her bed. He made her get dressed early on this daylight savings time Sunday. Yes she sprang forward but she would have much rather fell back. “Hurry” he urged as he threw camera case and jacket at her. Gladys wiped the sleep from her eyes and looked at the bright sun shiny day. “Why couldn’t it be raining” she moaned.

There in her cup holder sat her “Is Your Picker Broke” coffee mug, full of the yumminess that is a Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

 She looked at her faithful companion Boz and said “what has he got in store for us today?” The little dog licked the foam from his lips; yes he got a latte too, and replied ruff! Kahuna jumped into the driver’s seat and headed down their dirt road.

They sped down the freeway and then through town. Pretty soon the landscape filled with more big granite boulders and less tract houses. They drove past general stores and past cactus plants taller than Gladys. Gladys adjusted her sunglasses and sipped her Latte. They drove and drove for what seemed like days. Kahuna ever the gentleman asked “looks like you downed that latte. Would you like to stop and use the restroom?” Gladys looked at the nothingness all around her and said “is there a restroom behind one of those boulders or do I have to squat behind a yucca?” Kahuna patted her hand and sweetly replied “no sweetheart there is a Circle K around this next bend.” Gladys rolled her eyes and thought yeah right.

The little SUV swung tight around the next curve and slowed as they entered a quaint little burg. There looming in the distance was the Circle K convenience store.

They whipped into the parking lot and walked into the store. Kahuna ever thoughtful filled Gladys’ “Is Your Picker Broke” coffee mug while Gladys went in search of the loo. Gladys made her way to the counter and asked the clerk if they had a public restroom. The clerk, Tammy Sue, looked Gladys up and down and replied “nope. The nearest one would be down at the Mobile Station and honestly I wouldn’t let my dog use it.” Gladys now panic stricken looked up and down the main street of the little community and asked “how far to the next public restroom?” Tammy Sue looked around at the empty store and said “too long for you to have to wait. Just go ahead and use ours, it’s around the corner and behind the stacks of Bud.” Gladys thanked the kind clerk effusively and made her way through the stacks of inventory and into a well worn but surprisingly clean room of relief.

Once relief had been obtained Gladys joined Kahuna at the cash register to pay for their now full “Is Your Picker Broke” mugs and some Corn Nuts. Yes, it is the breakfast of champions. They once again embarked upon their journey. They spoke of many things on their drive through the countryside. They spoke of the fact that rattlesnakes like rocky boulder terrain as well as scorpions and spiders. They commented on the number of motorscooter enthusiast out for a Sunday ride. Mostly they just wondered if they were lost.

Finally Kahuna spotted the sign and they turned down another winding road which descended into a valley. Now at this point all Gladys could do was start singing “down in the valley, valley so low..”, which was probably the result of too much coffee and not enough Corn Nuts. They continued on until they spotted some Teepees. “Are we going to go trade furs to the Native Americans” Gladys asked.

Kahuna shook his head and said “no, just keep looking”. They proceeded on and saw some wooden structures and lots of plastic flowers. Then she saw the horse and rider coming up the trail. She watched as they moved together in one fluid motion and cleared the wooden structure, rounded the teepees and headed toward the pond.

“Oh Goody” Gladys cried “a cross country run!” Kahuna looked at Gladys and flashed his winning smile. They pulled into the parking area amongst a group of trailers and trucks.

 They disembarked the vehicle while Boz barked his arrival.

The event and the ground were beautiful. All around were horses and riders and the proud parents of the horses and riders and children of horses and riders.

 There were young and old alike all participating on a fine Daylight Savings Time Sunday.

What did you do on spring forward day?

Thank you 3-Day Ranch for the wonderful day. This was the Southern California Equestrian Sports three day USEF recognized trials in Aguanga, CA. They can be found at or visit 3 Day Ranch by clicking on the link.

Up and Over
I think I heard him scream "Oh SHIT!" as he went over.


Jaime said...

i groaned about losing an extra hour of sleep... until this little boy starts sleeping through the night, i can't afford to lose any more sleep!

there wasn't a whole lot to do here because of the weather. it was monsooning all weekend.

Crone and Bear It said...

Gawd I love corn nuts. All I did on Spring Forward day was nod off at church...zzzzzz, huh? oops