Thursday, March 18, 2010

This weeks' Theme Thursday is Breakfast.  I love breakfast but I don't like it for dinner.  People who eat breakfast for dinner really bug me.  Breakfast is breakfast, don't mess it up by eating it at 6:00 in the evening.  Eat something like a salad or baked chicken but not bacon and eggs.  Well crap there I go rambling on again.  Here is how Theme Thursday works, on Sunday you are given the theme for the week, then you scramble your brain just like your eggs to come up with something worth writing.  You write it down link it up to a bunch of other scrambled brained people and then everyone reads what the others have written and hopefully you get new readers and new writers.  Hey did you know that they eat brains for breakfast?  Anywho here is my take on breakfast.  Sip your coffee, butter your toast and read my submission then go over to Theme Thursday and read what others have to say.

She was riding through a field of daisies only they didn’t smell like daisies they smelled like bacon. She got off her horse and scooped up an armful of the bright yellow and white flowers and breathed in their bacon scent. That is when she realized that the daisies weren’t daisies at all but fried eggs on stems of bacon. She looked around and the whole field was fried eggs and toast. Sweet homemade bread toasted to a buttery golden hue. Her stomach growled and she salivated wanting to put her head down and graze like a cow. How could this be? How could there be a field of bacon and eggs where there had just been flowers and bees?

“Wake up little sleepy heads” came the sweet sing song voice. “Oh SHIT” she thought “I’ve overslept. I’m always the first one up and Auntie V has already made breakfast.” Gladys jumped out of bed with her hair sticking six ways to Sunday and ran for the bathroom. She splashed some water on her face and looked around for her toothbrush. This was her favorite time of year. The time of year she got to spend a couple of weeks on “the ranch”. The ranch was where she would be fussed over and listened to and made to feel special. Gladys loved “the ranch” because she felt like she belonged. She didn’t feel like she had been found under a rock. She just knew she was destined to be a ranch-woman. She would dream of getting an outfit just like Dale Evans and a paint horse just like Tonto. She would ride the range singing Cowboy Songs and eat around a campfire with her amigos. Yep, Gladys knew she belonged on the range.

“Glaaadiissss, your biscuits are gonna get cold” came the cry as she freshened up and rushed from the bathroom into the kitchen. There all around her were what she could only imagine heaven smelled like. There was homemade jam in little jars with strawberries imprinted on the lids, over on the table was a plate of crispy bacon and sausage and a plate of homemade angle flake biscuits. Life just didn’t get any better than this. “How did you sleep sweetie” her aunt inquired. See that was the other thing she loved about the ranch, people asked her questions and actually wanted hear her answer. They didn’t ask and then just talk over her; although she could hardly blame people for talking over her. I mean if they didn’t how would they ever get a word in edge wise or other wise? “I slept jest fine, thank you. You know I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt I was riding through a field of fried eggs on stalks of bacon. Have you ever had a dream like that? Isn’t that just the dangdest thang you ever heard” Gladys gushed as she started loading her plate up with the goodness that was her aunt’s cooking.

Gladys looked up just as she sat her plate on the table to see the rest of the gang come through the back door. “Where have y’all been” Gladys asked while stuffing a piece of bacon in her mouth. “We were out with the cows. How come you slept in so late? You turnin city-girl on us” asked her eldest cousin, B. Gladys washed her bacon down with a big gulp of Tang and said “nope, I was just havin such a good dream I decided to stay in it awhile. How come y’all are up so early? What time is it anyway?” Her aunt chuckled and said “it’s almost 6:30 sleepy head, but you’re still up before your brother.” Gladys bit into a hot fluffy honey soaked biscuit and said “that ain’t hard to do, he sleeps til noon.” Uncle Jay coughed and said “well, we’ll see about that.”

Gladys paid no never mind to the ruckus that kicked up in the room where her brother was sleeping. She heard the cousins poking and prodding on Buck while she soaked up a little more egg yolk with her biscuit. She heard the protest from Buck as he was pulled from his bed by their rambunctious cousins. She watched as Matilda sleepy eyed and confused slid into the seat next to her. “What are they doin to Buck” Matilda whispered. Gladys smiled a big eggy smile and replied “getting him up fer breakfast. You know cowboys have to get up early. Gene Autry wouldn’t sleep in. I’ve never heard of The Lone Ranger sleeping past sun-up, heck I don’t even think the Cisco Kid lays around watching soap operas and eatin chocolate pie. They have to be up early to go out and round up the cattle rustlers and stuff.” Matilda looked at her little sister and rolled her eyes.

Pretty soon the table was filled with cousins and siblings all eating and talking at once. Then Uncle Jay made the schedule for the day. “You kids finish up your breakfast. You boys need to go down there and mend the fence in that front pasture. B, you need to finish plowin the old house pasture. You girls help V with the garden. Gladys, I’m going to town and I think you should come with me.” Gladys sat straight up in her chair, thrilled to be singled out. “Ok. I got to get dressed first” and out she ran forgetting her plate and glass. She knew she was in for an adventure. Uncle Jay would always take her on some wild ride and even let her drive every now and then even though she was only 7. Hey, ranch-women had to know how to drive young, how else would she be able to get her cattle to auction. She threw on her clothes and brushed out her hair and was ready to go in an instant. She ran back to the table where the others were finishing up their breakfast and putting their plates in the sink. “Oh yeah” she sighed “sorry I forgot” and grabbed her plate and glass and washed them off in the sink.

Uncle Jay grabbed his hat and headed out the door “you coming Heebeegeebee?” Gladys ran to catch up with him. They got in the truck and headed up the dirt road which took them to the paved road which took them to town. They drove past the post office and the hardware store. They eased past the bank and into the Koffee Kup Kafe’s parking lot. Gladys looked around the parking lot and up the street “What are we doin here?” Uncle Jay pushed up the brim of his hat and said “havin breakfast.”


VE said...

I think they spelled coffee and cup wrong on that sign ;)

Angie Muresan said...

What do you mean? I love nothing better than an omelette for dinner. With some forest mushrooms... Umm delicious!

California Girl said...

Cute story full of yummy food images. Thank you for visiting my blog!

PattiKen said...

I wanna have breakfast at Auntie V's!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Heebeegeebee,

One of my favorite A Course in Miracles teachers reminds us that when we experience a place as being loving and allowing, it is really a reflection of our true self - and then we say it was the location that caused the experience. In other words -wherever I go, there I am.

I love that you remember my childhood home the way you described in this story. I love that you saw it through the reflection of your own sweet nature. It was my experience
that YOU were loving, open, fun to be with, amusing, entertaining and cute as a June bug.

We always looked forward to your visits (including Buck and Matilda) with much anticipation. You gave our long summer days a shot of fun and excitement.

Love you,
Quirky Cousin

Tracy said...

We just had sausage and pancakes for supper! It's easy which is what I'm all about anymore!
I'm campaigning for cereal everynight for laziness knows no limits!

qandlequeen said...

It's a damn good thing you already love me because I am allllllll about breakfast. Day or night. Dennys? love it. Grand Slam me baby!

Now NON-Breakfast food in the morning? ugh! Totally turns my stomach, except pizza. Pizza is breakfast food. But you knew that. Right?

kanishk said...

I love nothing better than an omelette for dinner.
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