Friday, March 18, 2011

Gladys has Random Things That Make You Ask Why Thoughts

It has been awhile since I’ve done this but the way things have been going I felt it had to be done. I have questions, burning questions. I know they make a salve for that but I want answers. I want others to lament with me. I want to kvetch and moan and beleaguer points that need to be beaten to the point past where the horse has expired. I want to state the obvious to the point of revulsion. In other words I want to just be me.
So go on over to Mrs. 4 at Half Past Kissing Time and join in on the Friday Fragments but not before you read mine.


Why don’t tomatoes taste like tomatoes any more? I remember when I was a kid and eating a tomato was almost as good as eating candy. Now they just taste like paper.


Why is it when you finally pay off the vehicle you paid way too much for in the first place and now must keep even though it gets 2 miles to the gallon in the second place, it starts to break. Oh and it is never things like a wire comes loose or a new air filter. The things that break are the master cylinder that is absolutely necessary for the car to continue to run and not die at stoplights. Or it is the fuel pump that is located inside your gas tank and they can’t just reach their hand in there and unscrew it and put a new one in. OH NO! They must empty the fuel tank and remove it completely off your car, even though you have just put in 30 gallons of $5.25/ gallon fuel. FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD WHY?


Why is it that I always have to stand in line behind someone who is tall enough that my nose hits about their waist?

Why is that when I stand in line behind above mentioned person, they have eaten broccoli, beans and eggs and they feel it necessary to release the resulting methane gas right at my nose level?


Why is it that whatever ride you want to ride at the Amusement Park is exactly the same ride everyone else in the world wants to ride?


Why is it when you are young the rides at amusements parks always seem so big and scarey, but when you go back as an adult they are just another version of rush hour on the 405 freeway and whole lot less exciting.

Now go on and be good to one another and remember thoughts become things, think good ones.


Anonymous said...

San jacinto area yep

Crone and Bear It said...

and here I thought I was the only one who thought tomatoes no longer taste right. And as to the car issue I just had to kick my 2006 (??!!) POS Kia to the used car lot because it was literally falling apart in return for a nice new Subaru. Then my POS laptop was given to Devoted Spouse and I went to the dark side and invested my life savings in a MacBook Pro - so many "why" thoughts? Why did I give up blogging? xoxo

Crone and Bear It said...

I'm with you on the tomatoes - I can only stand the ones I grow. And as to the cars why is it my 2006 Kia died so soon? And why do I have such infernal bad luck with PCs that I have to invest my life savings into purchasing a MacBook Pro (yes I've come to the dark side and I like it here) and the final why...why did I give up blogging? xo