Tuesday, November 25, 2008

6 Random Things

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I got this from Coffee Bean over at http://righteousbuzz.blogspot.com/2008/11/six-random-facts-meme.html

Let's see.
1. Since it's close to the Holidays, I am drinking coffee with eggnog in it. I like eggnog by itself, with a little bit of rum or whiskey. One Christmas when our kids were little, my siblings and I were all at my mom's. We were up very late putting toys together and drinking egg nog. My brother who does not drink drank two glasses of rum spiked egg nog before my mother told him there was alcohol in it. He just looked at her and said "No wonder I put the Barbie House together upside down".

2. I'm allergic to all pork products. Gives me a ferocious migraine. I can eat something that was cooked on the same grill as pork and will have a headache. It is very inconvenient when I go out to eat. I have to ask "Was that cooked with pork? Did it touch pork? Did you even open bacon around it?" When I was in Europe I had to keep making piggy sounds and shaking my head No. I'm sure the Germans and French thought I was out of my mind. "Hey don't give the crazy pig lady any more wine."

3. I was sang Happy Birthday by Reba McIntyre. I was 25 years old and she was in concert in my home town. A friend of mine was working security for her. He invited me backstage before her concert and introduced me to her. She was so cute and nice. Then she broke out in song and sang to me. I was thrilled, she even wished me happy birthday during her concert.

4. I'm not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. The first in many, many years. I am however cooking bbq after Thanksgiving. Kahuna and I will be alone for Thanksgiving this year up in the frozen tundra. We will be going back home for a couple of days after Thanksgiving so we will get most of our offspring together and have a dinner then. I'm making BBQ brisket, ribs, tater salad, grapefruit salad, corn and wild rice casserole, a big mixed salad and Falulah and Lulu, my two younger girls are making one of their scrumptious cheesecakes.

5. I recently had an epiphany. I decided that I didn't have to always be right. That sometimes it was ok to just not know the answer to something. I spent most of my life struggling to be right even when I was wrong. It was exhausting. This is much easier. I can look at the person who is trying to convince me of something or is asking me something and I can just shrug my shoulders and say "Beats me. I really don't know."

6. I used to love all types of horror movies, books and shows. Now, not so much. I would rather watch a suspense movie or read a mystery. I will however make an exception for well written or well filmed horror type movies. I also was a huge Sci Fi geek. I watched Star Trek religiously and waited in line for hours upon hours to see Star Wars.

Now then you know me so who do I tag? I tag YOU. Those of you with a blog leave me a comment with you blog site on it and link back here. I will go read yours. This is what Coffee Bean did and I thought it was a great idea. Those with no blog, leave yours here on the comment page. I'll be waiting for you. Now go write. I'll leave the light on for you.


Cynthia said...

I am so glad you liked it!!!! I will tell Jan, cause she has been asking. I had to admit to her how long it took me to get the darn thing mailed to you!

Mrs4444 said...

Sorry; not up for a meme tonight, but I did enjoy yours :)

Coffee Bean said...

Kahuna?!?! I LOVE it!!! Oh, that made me laugh...

I am so glad that you switched to Blogger! I couldn't leave comments on your other blog because it wanted me to register... I started to once but, I'm not that patient and didn't make it through the whole shebang.

You must have posted this morning as I was posting today's post!

I'm laughing thinking of you oinking in foreign lands!

Anonymous said...

1. I put up a Christmas tree for the first time in ten year, with a bit of help from Snuff Man (my version of Marlborough Man after 30 years of marriage.)
It made us both realize why we had not performed this ritual in so long. Snuff Man got annoyed when he thought his part was done and headed out the door like a man on fire only to be called back for a "leveling" job, as we had it leaning like the Pisa Tower in a wind storm.

2. Living in an old farmhouse is a constant reminder that the universe has a sense of humor. They fall apart faster than you can put them together. It reminds me of a snake eating it's own tail. You get one end finished, only to have the other end in shambles again.

3. I am glad the economy is slowing down a bit. It gives us all time to stop and catch our breath. Maybe some farmland will now be left undeveloped for growing food in the future. I like farmland, I like farmers, I like the smell of the earth when it has been plowed. It is much better than another ticky tacky housing development.

4. *realizes this is like trying to write a 3 page book report, yet double spacing and huge writing to fill up space is not possible here*

5. If I win the lottery, I am going to buy an old building and open up a domino hall. When I was growing up, girls were not allowed inside the domino halls. We used to peek in as we were walking down the sidewalk. We could see the old men huddled around the tables and hear the dominoes being shuffled. It was a mysterious world off limits to the likes of us.

I think I have the decor figured out - a couple of single bulbs hanging from the ceiling, maybe a ceiling fan turning slowly, worn wood floors, a few spittoons, folding card tables (with checker board patterns imprinted on the top) and creaky wooden chairs. I would have a stack of paper back novels to read while the men played and would sit behind the back counter and dole out cold Dr. Pepper's in bottles for $.25 a pop!

6. It makes me proud to see my cousin sharing her gift of gab (or as it is sometimes referred to in the south: "running off at the mouth") on this blog. She came by it honestly as her aunt (my mother) has it too. Their babbling is both amusing and entertaining.
Let's hope they keep it up for years to come!

*whew, did I do it?...did I finish them all? yeah, yeah, I cheated and left one out but let's just mark it up to me NOT getting the gab gene*
Quirky Cousin