Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Come on In Have A Seat

Hello Lovelies,

If you are here that means you either followed me from my “old” blog,, or you were looking for your Great Aunt Gladys and found me instead. Either way, Welcome! Pull up a chair settle in and enjoy the ride.

I started blogging this summer. I have always written little “ditties” to my family about this and that. They kept telling me “Gladys, you need to write a book.” I would love to write a book but I’m not sure how to go about that so I thought I would practice by writing a blog. It took me awhile to acclimate myself to the blogosphere. I’m still not sure I understand it all. I have read some tremendous writings in blogs and I’ve read some real stinkers. I’ll try to keep mine entertaining and less of a stinker.

So I started writing and came up with a name “The Accidental Housewife”. Now being new to the blogging world I didn’t really bother checking it out to see if I was going to be offending anyone or stealing anyone’s name. Well let me tell you, there is someone out there by that name. Guess what. She wrote a book. She wrote a book and it’s called “The Accidental Housewife” by Julia Edelman. Well I’m not near as cute or as young as she is so I figured I had better get a new name. Then my readers all (3) of them told me that it was difficult to comment on my old blog. They said that my post didn’t always appear when they went looking for them. Well, GOD forbid that someone (my Daddy) would have to go a day without being able to read me. So I decided to go to the liquor store get some Jim Beam, um I mean some boxes, pack up and move.

The first thing I had to do was come up with a new name because well no one wants to find a couple of big ugly guys on their front porch with baseball bats in their hands. Well not unless you play baseball and I don’t. So not wanting to get my knee caps crushed, I decided it was time to change the name. Gladys Tells All? Why that name? Why not something more appropriate like “Found Under a Rock” or “Living Here and There”? It could even be something really ethereal like “Writings From Within”. I never thought of those. It actually comes from a joke that my best friend sent me several years ago. About a woman in the nursing home named Gladys. I decided I was Gladys and she, my best friend, had to be Myrtle. Since I can’t keep my mouth shut, well the Tells All just seemed to fit.

Here it is the new name, the new look and of course the new space. Now then dear do you take cream or sugar or both in your coffee? How bout a piece of my chocolate pie, oh wait, I already ate that. I think I may have some peanut butter cookies in the cookie jar. Let me get some.


Girly Stuff said...

I'm glad you moved. The other site was weird-ish. But I just found you today, so I shouldn't be so judgemental!

I love your blog. I read several of your posts...Planet Walmart is my fave so far!

Cynthia said...

I am soooo happy!!!

I could never get the whole commenting thing down over at that other one. I always felt like a jerk not commenting!

Squid said...

Thanks for the update on BC...looks like posting is easy here.

joyce said...

Yippeee ! Now I can comment. I enjoy reading your writing. I was jealous of your font over at your Accidental site, so if you figure out how to bring comic sans to this site, please share. I love comic sans font. Maybe it is the way comic sans does a lower case 'a'.

Anonymous said...

Where is the button I push to get the new shoes? Are they designer shoes? Will they fit my big fat feet?
Is this false advertising...luring me in with the promise of free shoes from Heaven?

Love you and proud of you..keep it up!
your mystery cousin

Anonymous said...

*returns from reading recent posts on old accidental housewife site*

Quirky cousin??!!!?..uh, uh, uh.....
I am not quirky (inserts crying icon)...I prefer to think of myself as mysteriously spritual with a touch of healthy cynicism and self introspection tossed in.

*looks down at ratty old shoes and hopes the new ones show up soon*

Anonymous said...

*returns from rereading email directing to new website*

OOOOOH the shoes are YOU...well

Quirky and mildy annoyed cousin

Miss Marie :) said...

Hello Lovely,

Can't wait for you to come home for the next visit. But reading your entertaining ramblings every day helps me feel like you're not so far away. Can't wait to see your calico hair ;)

You're making me want to join this blogging world.....perhaps after I move.....who knows.

See you soon!

Myrtle said...

Yippeee! Myrtle checking in here. Hey do I get new shoes too, being the other half of the Gladys/Myrtle duo?