Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Hunting We Will Go

Excerpts from the Mountain Woman's Files

Feeling more than a little spry this morning I decided to strap on my pack, grab my gear and go out for a day in the woods. I thought I would get in a little hunting. You know bag a few deer to stock up the freezer for the winter.

Long before dawn I had gotten up on the back side of the ridge and had hunkered in next to a tree. I had my weapon of choice a warm thermos of coffee. I had sprayed myself with doe urine because that's what turns the big bucks on and I sat waiting, watching ever vigilant.

I sat under the tree watching the chipmunks play and the rabbits frolic. I watched the sun rise and grow larger in the sky. It was a gorgeous day, temperatures in the upper thirties, the sky that unreal color of blue it gets in the autumn with just a smattering of high clouds. You could smell the snow that would be moving in later in the day but for now it was just right. The ridge had that uniform brown coloring of dead huckleberry bushes and wild sage, perfect camouflage for our four legged friends.
Then I heard the slightest of sounds. The sounds of branches breaking, something or someone moving closer to me through the brush. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw it there in the distance. I sat perfectly still and waited for it to get into the center of my scope. I squeezed the trigger ever so slightly, but he must have heard me for he turned to run. Just as he turned his back I clicked off the safety and taking a deep breath I squeezed the trigger.

It was too late, he was on the run. I must track him like the seasoned scout I am. I grab my gear and slowly ease from my crouched position. I silently made my way though the bush stalking my prey.
I got close enough to get a shot off and then he turned.

Too late I realized it was rutting season. He put his head down and started my direction. I was brave, I was strong, I stood my ground.

He rushed me, I raised my weapon and ran like hell!

Ok, Ok, It's all a lie. I am not a hunter, I did not get out of bed at the butt crack of dawn douse myself in deer pee and go traipsing out in the woods. The honest to God truth is I was kissing Kahuna goodbye after lunch and low and behold there was this big old buck in our yard. Me being me ran in and got the camera and being the big scaredie-cat I am stood at least 100 ft from the animal and started taking pictures only this guy came up behind me. Yeah that's why it's fuzzy because he startled me or I should say Kahuna did when he yelled "Look out behind you."
This guy went walking right behind me.

These guys hang out in the yard around here. Pretty cool isn't it?


Girly Stuff said...

Too much nature in Montana!

Thanks for the funny first job story. Did your mom hook you up with that job?

Anonymous said...

whew, for a minute there I was sure you were out in the woods in your usual Barbie doll stiletto heels. I could just see you breaking a heel and hobbling down the mountainside as you made your way home.

Glad to know our girl hasn't changed THAT much during her days in the wilderness.

Quirky cousin

Train Wreck said...

HAHAAHAAHA! I love it! You and I tell the same kind of tales! That was exciting! With a funny twist! My fav! You need to check out Gizzards and Calf fries! You will lOvE Her! Thanks for stopping by, Let them be little makes me cry too. Welcome, and thanks again!

Rhonda said...

Great blog had me thinking you were trecking out in the woods huntin them deer down for photo alway make me laugh!

Happy Hunting and great photos!


Anonymous said...

OMG, Bee-Gladys, or B.G. or Bee Gee! I loved the story about the deer "hunting" and the one about your dad falling out of the "dressing room" had me falling off my chair as I read it. You have such a gift for creating a picture of what's happening that's so clear. How do you manage to write so much so well so often? And, do you know how to get people to subscribe to your blog? I haven't quite figured that one out yet.

terri said...

Wow! They are way more bold than the deer around here. I might see one off in the corn field as I'm going for my run. I could be hundreds of yards away and they would still run the minute they caught site of me.