Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gladys Has Porky Pig Random Thoughts

It’s Friday and time for Mrs. 4444’s Friday Fragments. I know I’m a day late and also a dollar short again. But I have a doctor’s excuse. Now then let’s go on with the show. Ann over at Ann Again and Again is or was hosting VGNO but the party is still going on so go over and check out her link up. So go link your Friday to her Friday even though it is Saturday.

First of all let’s talk about the weather. My poor daddy emailed me this little poem the other day.



The End

And this Picture.

It was -1 degrees when he took this. NEGATIVE ONE in TEXAS! I told him not to pee outside otherwise it would freeze midstream.


I spent 4 ½ hours the other day getting my smashograms re-done. Yes I said FOUR AND ONE HALF HOURS of having some technician with cold hands smash my boobs in a machine. But guess what!?! It really was a the root of the seventeen long foot hair that grows from my left nipple and I don’t have to have an Stereophonic In and Out burger now.  Stop giggling!  stop it!


If you have dogs then you will relate to this. I am sure everyone has this happen sometime or another. Your dog is lying in her bed chewing on what you think is her raw-hide bone. You notice it’s beginning to really reek. You get closer to check the status of said bone when you realize it’s not her raw hide but a pigs head. YES A PIG’S HEAD!

Yes this is a pigs head in my trash next to my In and Out Cup!
I don’t know where she found this but she dug it up and brought it home and then the next day brought home the front leg of said pig. What the heck? Poor Miss Piggy.

Looks a little guilty doesn't she.


I am a woman of a certain age which means I am experiencing wonderful personal summers followed by glorious personal nuclear winters. I’m thinking someone needs to make a jumpsuit for mental-pausel women that would sense a hot flash coming on and send a blast of artic cold air through the suit. Then when the hot flash stopped and the cold flash started the furnace would kick on and send molten lava heat through out. If someone invents this please let me know I will be the first to buy one.

This is the next generation space suit.  Maybe this will work.


The other day Kahuna and I stopped by our favorite beach to just breathe. It had been a busy day and we thought we would take a few minutes to relax between doctor’s appointments.

There were a bunch of people from Michigan. It seemed to be an older set of parents, their kids and grandkids.

The grandpa said : This is a beautiful day isn’t kids?

The little boy who looked about 9 said: It SUCKS I want to go back to the room and play X-Box

Grandpa: Billy, we are here in California. It’s gorgeous out, your at the ocean and it’s 75 degrees.

Billy: I don’t care I want to go play X Box.

Grandpa: Billy next time you can just sit your butt at home in Michigan where it’s below zero and play all the Grand theft Auto San Andreas you want.

Billy: California is lame! San Andreas is cool that’s where I want to go on vacation.

Poor Billy doesn’t have a clue.


Otin hosts his Happy Hour Friday over at the Wizard of Otin. Go on over and leave your Happy Things.

Here are a few of my happy things:

Beautiful Winter Sunsets

Good BBQ Brisket

Finding Treasures like this hidden in your
Mom's recipe box.

Now go on go be good to one another and remember thoughts become things, think good ones.


otin said...

The kid with the video game is the future of our nation!

A pigs head in the trash? Sounds like a scene out of a Godfather movie, either that or kermit the frog is taking advice from Scott Peterson!

I hope that you are making some progress in finding out about your breast issues!

AngelMay said...

Gladys, I always have such fun when I visit your blog. Thanks for another fun post.

Dual Mom said...

The pigs head? In your bed? Oh my god I would have lost it.

Kat said...

Stopping by for a little belated VGNO action. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

One time I had to run home from Girl Scouts to grab something I had forgotten.

My dog and my sons dog were outside, rolling a squirrel head between them. Cute!

Oh my gosh, hot flashes! I'm sweating thinking about it. I, too have experiencing them quite frequently.

Happy Belated VGNO.

The Texas Woman said...

Is that you and Kuhuna back in the day?

JulieChats said...

OH PEOPLE! Get your kids away from the video games! Poor grandpa & grandma, their vacation would have been so much nicer without that one....

Hope you had a Happy VGNO!

Anonymous said...
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