Friday, January 29, 2010

Gladys has Whirling Dervish Thoughts

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I have been cleaning like a Whirling Dervish this week.  I remember when I was a kid there was a cartoon where there was a song about Whirling Dervishes.  I had no idea what they were and thought they were something like a tornado or a dust devil.  Who knew it was a bunch of guys wearing poodle skirts and fez's and turning in circles.
This isn't my dust bunny.  Mine was 20 times that size and
besides there is flooring under this one.
Thanks to for the photo.
Speaking of dust devils.  I had to wrestle a giant dust bunny out from under my bed.  We took the carpet up in order to put new flooring in and hit a snag.   A huge crack in the slab halted our plans and so I have bare concrete.  I vacuum everyday and move the bed and vacuum, yes shut up I vacuum the concrete, yet every morning there are new dust bunnies.  It proves to me that dust bunnies breed like rabbits.

Where does all that stuff in the very back of the corner kitchen cabinet come from?  I swear I found a perculator that belonged to my mother-in-laws first cousins neighbor's brother's sister-in-law.  I have no idea where this stuff comes from and why is it in my cabinet?

A couple of weeks ago I burned my thumb taking a baking dish out of the oven.  I mean REALLY burned it.  It had a huge blister that immediately formed and no matter how bad it hurt to touch it I could not stop touching it.  Does that make me a sadist or a masochist?
My overheard of the week was from the lady at the dry cleaners.  She was in a really good mood and very bubbly.  The lady in line in front of me said "Really?  Are you really THAT happy all the time?"
The dry cleaner clerk said "No but if I act like I am it drives people like you crazy."
It is also Happy Hour Friday over at Bambi RX.   Go on over to Happy Hour Friday and add what makes you happy.

Now you wouldn't think that cleaning would make me happy but it does.  I like to clean and shine and make things sparkle. 

A good cup of coffee served to me in bed in the morning by my sweetie.

Getting to stay in and read on a day that looks like this

Thanks Marv for sending me the picture.  How come no surfers?

Now go on and be good to one another.  Remember thoughts become things, think good ones.


Mrs4444 said...

I hate to admit it, but the dust bunnies in this place are EVERYWHERE. It's impossible to keep up, so I basically do not try very hard.

The kitchen cabinet crap is there because once every ten years or so, you might use it.

Gladys, I would like to know how old are you, cuz I keep thinking of you as my grandma (her name was Blanche, but Gladys and Blanche are from the same era, so ergo....)but I'm pretty sure you are actually younger than I m. Please bring some peace to my cant'-stop-wondering mind, will you?

Mrs4444 said...

Oops. I forgot to mention how funny I found your fragments about the "dump" spammer. I've received those same stupid comments. Thanks for the laugh!

Dual Mom said...

When you're done making your place wouldn't come do mine, would you?

otin said...

Surfs up!! lol

When I was a little kid, I asked my mom if I could take the biscuits out of the oven. She baked them in a black cast iron pan with one handle. She asked me if I knew how and told me to be careful. I didn't know that you needed a potholder........ouch!

MJ said...

Yes, dust bunnies do breed. You just can't catch the little boogers at it, and there is no birth control that works on them.