Monday, August 24, 2009

They Say It's Your Birthday

Have you ever met someone that the minute you met them you knew you liked them? You meet them and it is like you have known them forever. You feel a kinship, a familiarity and a comfort level with them. Kahuna and I had been dating for several months. I guess you could say we were cautious with our relationship. He and I both kept our relationship to ourselves. We did not share it with our families we were more just trying each other on for size. He would call me at work and invite me for a drink or a movie.

One evening he called and asked me to dinner. I had worked late and agreed to meet him at a local restaurant. We were making our way to our table when Kahuna started laughing and said “hey what are you guys doing here?” There walking in our direction was a tall slender young man, dark hair, dark eyes and a smile on his face. The two men began chatting excitedly then Kahuna turned to me and said “This is my son, Techman.” I looked up in this young man’s eyes and I felt a warmth rush through my heart. All he said was “nice to meet you” but I knew we would be friends. That is how I met my future son.

I have to tell you that our subsequent meetings were not quite so sedate. You see he is much like his father in that he loves to debate and discuss things. My first dinner at Kahuna’s home Techman and I spent hours debating the whole creationism versus evolution topic. What could have been a volatile conversation turned into an interesting and informative revelation. Techman has a way in which he without trying he puts people at ease. He doesn’t work at it, it’s just his personality. We spent many hours around the table testing each other’s theories, beliefs and ideals. His discussions are always informed, interesting and peppered with his quick wit. He is the master at turning a potential explosion of difference into an expulsion of laughter.
Techman is also an adventurer. He loves to experience and do. He is not one to sit. He is going to go out and touch, feel and smell everything. His friends call him the Cruise Director because he is always planning, arranging and directing trips for the group. It might be a weeklong trip to Cabo San Lucas for scuba diving, pool hopping and clubbing or a Snowboarding trip in Canada. He is the one who puts it together, organizes the events and then is the entertainment.
I have written before about his talents and his abilities in my story about his Tea Fire pictures. Go on over to his flicker page and check out his second love, his first being Lizzy Doodles of course. Mostly though I just wanted to share a bit of my son with you. He is my son, though I did not birth him, he is my son and I knew it when I first met him. Happy birthday son.


Mama-Face said...

That was really wonderful. I love your comment about the feeling you get when you meet some people; that feeling of kinship. I love the feeling too.

Happy Birthday to your boy.

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

Happy Birthday Techman. Gladys, so glad you two have such a wonderful relationship.

Mike said...

What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday to your son!

lagirl/sweet tea said...

Happy Birthday to one cool son-you-didn't-birth, Techman. What? No labor and you get a wonderful son?
You are clever!!