Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boxing Gladys

This weeks theme for THEME THURSDAY is Box.  The first thing that came to mind was that horrible 1993 movie Boxing Helena.  Which is not about a prize fighter named Helena nor is it about boxing pieces of Helena, Montana.   Yes I actually watched it and was horrified.   Not only was I horrified but I had nightmares over it, the movie not Helena, Montana.

It was dark and smelled musty and dank. She adjusted to fit the confines a little better. She tried to slow down her breathing knowing she must conserve her oxygen. It won’t be long before they come for me she told herself. They will come, all I must do is stay quiet and remember to breath.

It seemed as if she had been confined, twisted and contorted to fit the small space for hours; but she had only been there for twenty minutes. She recalled the reassuring look she was given as the top was closed and she heard the words “be quiet or they’ll get you”. She waited and the folds were turned down and it went dark. She sang songs in her head and thought “they will be sorry they were ever mean to me!”

Then the unthinkable happened. She lay in the dark breathing slowly and evenly singing songs to herself until she was lulled to sleep. She curled a little tighter into her ball and dreamed of prancing ponies and tables full of chocolate cupcakes. She stirred very little and at one point she even dreamed of floating along a river just like the baby Noah.

Hours later she woke her legs aching from their contortions. Her bladder urging her to move but she couldn’t leave her confinement. She was trapped. She rolled to her knees and pressed on the top of the box but it didn’t budge. Once again she shifted and pushed with her feet trying to dislodge whatever had been placed upon her special hiding place. She pushed and pushed but nothing budged. It was then she realized she was truly trapped.

Nurse Meme had helped her hide from Buck and Matilda in their game of Hide and Seek but something had gone terribly wrong. She squirmed and tried not to panic. She took a deep breath and let out a piercing scream. Nothing. No voices. No footsteps. There was absolute silence. She thought about the horrible Vincent Price movie they had seen the Saturday before at the Queen Theater. It was about a man who was walled up inside a wall alive. Was this her fate too? Was she buried alive? She tried to concentrate on something else. She tried not to think of that poor man being walled to death. How horrible to be walled to death. Then she began to wonder how many people were inside the walls of her home. That would explain the strange creaking noises she heard at night.

She began to cry. The more she cried the more frightened she became. You would think that someone who was found under a rock would feel comfortable in confined spaces. They would in fact feel at home, cozy in their cubby. She did not. She cried until big snot bubble formed. She sobbed until her chest ached. She sucked in a big gulp of air and that’s when she heard it.

The sound was faint at first and then louder and more menacing. The box rocked and swayed and then they ripped open the top of the box and said “Your IT!”


PattiKen said...

Excellent ending! You really had me going there.

Dot-Com said...

Yikes, that was scary stuff. That would give me nightmares alright. Happy Theme Thursday!

Baino said...

GAH you had me holding my breath! I liked Boxing Helena but then I'm a bit of a horror freak.

Anonymous said...

wahhhhhh Gladys,
you brought back horrors and nightmares of too many EA Poe movies when I was little...waaaaah

And I am going to slap Matilda and Buck aside the head for being so mean to you!

quirky cousin

RLM Cooper said...

Gladys, I always enjoy coming here - but this time I must confess to not liking horror films at all. When young, I enjoyed them -- but then, when *I* was young they weren't nearly as horrible.

I haven't seen "Boxing Helena", nor do I ever intend to. Life and reality can contain enough horror - I don't need to seek it out.

Liked your little story, though. A pleasant surprise.