Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Would Oprah Do?

I was conversing with June Gardens over at Bye Bye Pie last night. Yes she actually emailed me back to my email then I emailed her and well then she got a restraining order. I know I am special that way. Not really but I like to pretend I am. June is very nice and responds to all of her faithful readers. Anyway, she and I were talking about her monthly e-book club.

Mince Words With June started several months ago and her faithful readers all get together at a certain time and discuss the preferred book. Only lots of people don’t read the book but comment anyway or they read the book and don’t comment. I told June that we just need to get her on Oprah and then everyone will read and comment. We all know if Oprah touches it then it’s golden. She is like Midas. She is like Willy Wonka. She is like Oprah, oh wait she IS Oprah.  What do you mean you don't know who Oprah is?  What have you been cryogenically frozen since 1969?  Have you been living in a cave on a remote desert island since World War II?  Have you been on a LSD trip since 1969?  Oh you have?  Sorry.

June told me that she watched a special on The Oprah Effect on CNBC. This made me of course go instantly to CNBC and dig up the clip and watch it. Hey look June it’s already working you say it, I do it. It was very interesting and makes me wonder what it is about Oprah that causes people to blindly follow her.

When I first started blogging I corresponded with Robyn Okrant who wrote Living Oprah.

She is the lady who did everything Oprah said to do for a solid year. Then she took her blog and turned it into a book. Then Oprah put it on her show and wham, bang, boom everyone bought her book. Well not everyone but bunches of people. I digress. I corresponded with her and she was very informative and explained how it was really costly living Oprah. She said she began saying things like “WWOD”? I recommend reading both her blog and her book. Interesting stuff. My point is that this woman actually did what Oprah said to do.

I have to believe there are glassy eyed women and men who wait impatiently in front of their television Tivo ready and worship at the alter of Oprah. Now if I could somehow figure out how to get on Oprah before her last show and have her endorse my writing maybe just maybe I could get the followers of Bye Bye Pie to read and participate in June’s book club. I of course would get a book deal out of it and be richer than Bill Gates and I would start my own school and buy two hundred dollar t-shirts. I would go on a cross country road trip with my best friend.

June would you like to be my new best friend? You could be my Gayle. Oh wait I started this to put June on Oprah. See how greed poisoning effects people. Here I was trying to help June and then I got greedy and walked all over June.

June if you get on Oprah, I’ll be your Gayle and if I get on Oprah you can be my Gayle. Deal? Now I recommend that you go read Bye Bye Pie and see what the book of the month is. Please be A Prayer for Owen Meany.


June "not Oprah" Gardens said...

If you become my Gayle, you HAVE to get the Gayle hairdo. I mean it.

So, how did the woman's life go who did everything Oprah said to do for a year? See, now I want to read that book. See how we fall for stuff? That Oprah is hypnotic, man.

Gladys said...

Oh Great! Now my head is going to look like a balloon.

pieters said...

hi gladys! popping in from bbp! i admit at times i have done things oprah said to do. most current? i'm stalking my barnes and noble waiting for women, food and God to come in. yes, it aired monday? tap tap bugging b&n. ha. lauren

Joann Mannix said...

Hi Gladys! When I saw your comment on my blog, I was all, "I wonder if that's MY Gladys." Meaning my gladys as in Bye Bye Pie Gladys. We are a strange lot, we Bye Bye followers. I'm so honored you came over to say hi. And yes, Juney is our Oprah.

LisaPie said...

I am so happy that I know everyone here. Except that one book lady. But I know Gladys, June, lauren, and Joann. It's a party here at Gladys' place!

Hi everyone!!

Paula H and B (from BBP) said...

Hi Gladys! I don't ever watch Oprah. Nothing personal against her, I just don't. BUT when my daughter was a wee babe (she'll be 19 next week, ack) one of her first words was "Ope!" I guess the tv was left on enough times that she knew who Oprah was and she would tippy toe her little walker thing -- before they were determined to be deathtraps -- over to the tv, all "Ope! Ope! Ope!"

Well, that was almost completely off topic, wasn't it?

Mrs4444 said...

That book really does look good. However, I haven't read a book (other than your blog, haha) in almost a year, so it's not likely... Have a great weekend! :)