Friday, September 25, 2009

Gladys has Hellish Random Thoughts

s Friday again which of course means that Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissing Time is up to her Friday Fragments. That is where you go over and link up your fragmented thoughts to her fragmented thoughts and everyone gets to read all of the fragments. Let me tell you I always thought that my mind wandered. It is also the day that Ann over at Ann Again and Again has her Virtual Girls Night Out. Hey Ann when are we going to have a REAL Girl’s Night Out?
Let me share my week with you. It is hotter than hell here in Southern California this week. I know this because Satan won’t vacation here, it’s too hot.
I have suffered with an aching back for about a month now. I am not sure what is causing it other than old age. I know it must be old age because I’m complaining to all 7 of my faithful readers. Any I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for something totally unrelated. Now let me tell you about my doctor. She is amazing. No really AMAZING. She is not just a cardiologist, pulmonologist and internal medicine doctor she is also clairvoyant and magical. When I say magical I mean she is downright spooky. Anyway I didn’t feel well that morning, again totally unrelated to the reason for my appointment. I had a really bad headache and was a bit dizzy. So I arrive for my appointment and am ushered into the exam room within seconds of my arrival. I told you she is magical. I am seated in the room and the nurse takes my vitals and asks how I am feeling. I tell her I have a bit of a headache.
Dr. Enchanted immediately appears. We chat for a few minutes when she gets up and tells me to open my mouth. She takes her little flashlight and shines it in my mouth and I instinctively say “ahhh”. She asks “how long has your lower back been hurting?” Now how the heck did she know about my back? I didn’t mention it to the nurse, I hadn’t told her, heck I’m not even sure I told Kahuna my back hurt. She had my tongue between her fingers then said “you have a sinus infection and you’re anemic again.” Wait all she did was look at my tongue. When she let go of my tongue I asked “how did you know my back hurt, that I have a sinus infection and I’m anemic.” She pulled my lower lid down and shined her light in my eye and said “from your tongue. If you want a second opinion, your eyes just confirmed it.” I do indeed have a sinus infection. Blood test confirmed anemia and I’ll be darned how she knew my back hurt from my tongue. That is why I say she is magical. ********************************************************************************

I overheard this conversation at the beach.
Surfer 1: Yeah Dude, last week when we were gone up to Big Sur we gave our neighbor a key to our house so she could feed the cat. Man she cleaned our house. It was like spotless. The whole friggin house was spotless.
Surfer 2: Dude how dirty was your house that your neighbor couldn’t stand it and cleaned it?
Girl Surfer about to go into water to Boy Surfer coming out of water:
Is the water cold?
Boy Surfer:
Naw, I was able to pee without any problems.
One homeless guy to another:
Hey did you sleep here last night?
Homeless Guy #2: Naw I like to sleep closer to Starbucks. Didn’t you know it’s pumpkin latte time again?
I am once again headed to the beach where it is a bit cooler. It is in the 90's not 110 like it is inland. What are you doing this weekend? Are you picking out pumpkins? Are you decorating your house for Halloween? Maybe your cleaning out your gutters. While your in your warm sweaters and sipping hot apple cider just remember I’ll be sunning my self in the warm sand, wearing flip flops and bathing suits. I know some of us lead a blessed life, you decide which it is.
Now remember be good to one another.
Thoughts become things.


Sara Bonds @ Ordinary and Awesome said...

That sufer dude convo. is hilarious.

A pumpkin latte sounds so good right now. Man I love the fall.

Happy FF!

Caution Flag said...

If I could find my fall decorations, I would be glad to put them out. That, however, would require me to leave this computer...

Katherine Aucoin said...

Your doctor does sounds friggin' amazing.

I love your sunglasses, I'm a fiend for Fluer de Lis!

Suzy said...

I might have to travel further south to see this doctor of yours. Mine was such a moron and money guzzler that I fired him.

Joanie said...

I am WAITING for fall - I love fall - it's almost October and it's supposed to be 108 tomorrow. I don't think I live in Mendocino County (California) anymore, I must have been teleported to Phoenix during the night.

Kirby3131 said...

Thoughts do become things, so think good ones :)

I would really like to meet your doctor. How wonderful to have someone like that on your side!! :)

I just spent most of my day in a garage in the 98˚ heat. Fall is nowhere on my radar. lol

Kristin - The Goat

Mrs4444 said...

You are one lucky girl, Gladys, to have a doctor like that. I'm impressed.

Loved the surfer conversation!

Guess I should get the decorations out....

Gladys said...

Sara- Surfers always seem to have interesting conversations.

CF- I don't have any the rabbits would just eat them.

Katherine -Just head on over to Branson and visit Dressin Gaudy.

Suzy - I'll Share her with you.

Joanie - are you sure your not down the street from my house?

Kirbi- Yeah I need to spend time in my garage but I'm going to let it cool down to at least 80 degrees

Carolee / Home4ever said...

I live in NY. We may get snow, but it's a heck of a lot better than wild fires, earthquakes,hurricanes and tornados!

And, we have the prettiest autumn you have ever seen- the leaves turning are beautiful!

And what is Christmas without the snow? I lived in Oregon for a little over a year. Christmas just wasn't Christmas without the snow.

Santa had no where to land the sleigh- sparks were flying as the ski's hit the roof!

Have a Happy VGNO!

Native American Momma said...

I would love a Dr. like that. I once went to a nursing specialist and explained some problems were having getting the new baby to eat and she described to me my deliver and how that caused her issues

Gladys said...

Carolee- I love snow too. I am so torn ;)

Native Am Mom - Dr. Enchanted is so special. She treatst the whole person. I love her. She is so soft spoken and tender.

mub said...

Geez, can I borrow your doctor? Mine is useless!!

Good pumpkins are a little bit elusive here, but I'm watching for them!

Anonymous said...

I want your dr!!!! How cool is that?!

Tracy said...

Wait! Did you get the name of the neighbor who cleaned the house?!
How come there are never any neighbors like that where I live?
Your doctor sounds cool!