Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Silver Wings Part Evteka (Eleven)

You didn't honestly think the story was over did you? Like I have said, the stories are true the names have been changed to protect me. I started out telling about my flight but my whole trip has turned into an episode of Gladys' Adventures. So if you are just now joining the story let me do a short synopsis for you. Gladys flew on the virtual vessel of germs had a near miss on the runway in Big City. She then boarded a crop dusting mail plane and came to a sideways skidding stop in Itty Bitty City. It went down hill from there. You can read all about it in Silver Wings through part 1o. This here is part 11.

Gladys tried to sleep. She would shut her eyes and squeeze them tight only for them to pop open once again. Finally not able to sleep she got up and put on her bathrobe. She quietly crept past the living room with it’s now quiet giant screen television. She slipped quietly into the kitchen and silently opened the refrigerator looking for some milk. She found a bottle of milk and closed the door. “Whatcha doin Annie” came the voice from behind her. Gladys turned to see a sleepy eyed Nancy standing with her stuffed dog in one hand rubbing her eyes with the other. “Nancy, what are you doing up? You need to get back in bed and sleep.” The little girl yawned and said “I can’t sweep. I am weady to go wit you. You weady Annie?” Gladys smiled “Nancy it is really early in the morning. We can sleep a few more hours and still get an early start. The sun won’t be up for four more hours. Would you like some warm milk to help you sleep?” Nancy nodded yes then went and sat at the table “can I have some Roh-roh’s too?” Gladys poured some milk in the pan and lit the fire under it. She turned to the pantry and found a box of Cheerio’s. “Is this the kind you like?” she asked. Nancy looked at the box “no, Annie, de Honey Nud Roh-rohs.” Gladys dug deeper into the pantry and pulled forth the preferred box. She poured a bowl full then picked up the milk. “NO! I don’t want miwlk in dem, no moe.” Gladys handed the dry cereal to the girl and asked “would you like your milk in a mug?” Nancy nodded and shoveled another spoon full of cereal in her mouth. Gladys poured each of them a mug of milk and sat at the table across from Nancy.

“Nancy, how do you know so many things? I mean how do you know how to install your own car seat? How do you know what is going to happen before it happens” she inquired as she sipped the sweet hot milk. Nancy looked up from her mug and with milk mustached mouth said “I dunno. I jest do. I wisten and den I do it. Sometimes my friend John hewlps me. He tewls me dings.” Gladys was confused. She hadn’t seen another child around. “Who is John?” she asked. Nancy looked around then pointed towards the door and said “der he is now. His name is John and he hewlps me. He my best frweind.” Gladys looked at the door and saw nothing. “Nancy can anyone else see John” Gladys asked. Nancy smiled at waved at the door and said “I dunno. I can. He jest weft, he said he was sweepy.” They finished their snack and Gladys tucked Nancy in bed. She gave her a kiss on the forehead and said “now go to sleep. I promise I won’t leave without you.” Nancy looked into Gladys eyes and said “Prwomise?” Gladys smiled and said “I wouldn’t even dream of leaving without you.” They both finally fell asleep.

Gladys’ alarm alerted her that it was time to get up. She dressed and grabbed her bag and headed toward the front door. She thought she would get the car loaded then wake Nancy. She got to the van and clicked the remote to open the doors. There sitting in her car seat with her sun glasses on was Nancy. “You pwomised you wouldn’t weave wit out me Annie” she said as Gladys stood mouth open eyes wide. Gladys stowed her suitcase next to Nancy’s bright pink rolling bag. “Nancy why don’t we get some breakfast before we head out” Gladys said as she helped the little girl from the van.

Pearl was in the kitchen scrambling eggs and cutting up watermelon. She looked up as the two walked in “y’all all set to go?” Nancy wrapped her arms around one of Pearl’s legs and said “Yeah, me and Annie need summin to eat fore we go.” Pearl leaned down and hugged her little girl and said “it’s almost ready. Get you something to drink.” Nancy and Gladys got their respective mugs and sat at the table. Pearl served them then sat down with them and said “Nancy I want you to mind Gladys. You do as she says and remember your manners.” Pearl then turned to Gladys “you too Gladys. I know how you are.”

They were ready to go. Nancy was in her seat, Gladys was in hers and the movie was beginning on the little screen. Once again the familiar “I like to move it move it…” rang out through the speakers as they waved goodbye to Pearl and Dreary Lane.

They traveled down the highway singing the sound track and talking about what was happening on the screen. Gladys couldn’t see the screen but she would get the play by play from Nancy “now dey are in de pwane and dey are fryin” then “dey busted de dam.” They drove and drove and drove until finally Gladys said “Nancy I’m starving. You want to get a snack?” Nancy looked up and out the window and yelled “stop der Annie dats a Sonic. We get some cheese frwies.” Gladys pulled up to the drive through window and ordered a couple of teas and an order of cheese fries. Then Nancy yelled from the back seat “and a wallermewon swushi.” The voice on the other end of the speaker came back and said “Nancy is that YOU?” Nancy giggled and said “it’s me! Who dat?” The voice came back and said “it’s me, Gloria! Child how are you? Where’s your momma?” Nancy leaned forward and yelled “Gorwia, what are you doin dis fah from home?” The voice said “I go to school here. Drive round here so I can see you.”

Gladys did as she was instructed and drove to the window. Nancy jumped from her seat and ran to the front of the van, crawled in Gladys’ lap and looked for Gloria. The girl appeared at the window with drinks in hand “hi Gorwia. Dis is Annie. She my best frweind. Did you put extra wallermewon in it for me?” Gloria smiled and said “yes I did and a cherry too.” She handed Gladys the drinks and said “you must be Pearl’s friend. I used to babysit Nancy. You take good care of her she is a special girl.” Gladys told the girl she would and coaxed Nancy back into her seat. “Nancy do you know everyone?” Gladys asked. The little girl licked some cheese from her finger and said “I don’t stink so.” Then took a long drink from her slushie.

They traveled on a bit further when the iced tea, coffee and slushie began to work their magic “Annie, I need to go to de westwoom. Can we stop now?” Gladys looked around at the vast amount of nothingness and said “Nancy, there is no place to stop. Can you wait about 15 minutes. We will be on the outskirts of Big City and I’m sure we can find a clean restroom.” Nancy pondered her situation for a moment and said “otay Annie, but not too much further or I’ll have an accident.”

Gladys began frantically looking for a place to stop. She looked around at the swamps and expanse of emptiness and prayed they would find a bathroom soon. She didn’t have to go until Nancy mentioned it and now it would be a race to see who wouldn’t pee in their pants first. Then from the back seat she heard “Wets stop der Annie.” Gladys looked and saw nothing “where Nancy, I don’t see anything.” Nancy pointed and said “up der where it says Outwet Mall.” Gladys could barely make out the sign in the distance “okay that looks good.” She pressed the pedal to the metal and sped towards relief.

They pulled in the parking lot of the shopping center. Gladys thought it was the oddest looking blacktop she had everseen. It was crunching under her tires, must be new asphalt she thought. They pulled into a parking stall in front of the door marked “mall police and restrooms”.
Gladys heard the back door slide open and cried “wait for me Nancy.” She stepped out of the car and crunch. Crunch, crunch, crunch under her feet with each step and then she heard Nancy scream. She turned to see the little girl high stepping “Annie! Its qwickets. Qwickets are everwywhere. Wook de side walk is moving!” Gladys grabbed Nancy and picked her up as she crunched her way through ankle deep crickets.

To be continued.


Caution Flag said...

Please tell me when the book is due out, and how much it will be to get an autographed copy. Thank-you.

Gladys said...

Why of course I'll autograph a copy for you. I'll let you know as soon as it is bound.

Bob said...

Hold your pee until you groan, wuddaya get? ... Crunching Crickets, Crunching Crickets!