Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gladys Queen Of The Desert

Remember that movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert? Oh come on you know you watched it on HBO. It was an Australian movie from back in 1994. It was about a couple of drag queens and who go out in the desert to do a gig and well it’s sort of Thomas and Louis in drag only nobody drives off a cliff. Oh and nobody shoots Brad Pitt. You never saw it? Well go put it in your Netflix queue, unless of course you don’t like wacky movies. Trust me if you liked To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar well you’ll like Priscilla.

Gladys and Kahuna had parked their rig, hunkered down and taken in the R.V. resort. Mostly there were a bunch of old geezers out polishing and shining their rigs. You see that’s what you do in an RV park. You polish your rig. That and evidently pick fights with one another. Who knew that old dudes could still get each other in a full nelson and administer nooggies to the nerdy old guy?

There weren’t very many slots taken and it was almost as if they had the park to themselves. The final day of their stay they started hearing the rumble and the grumble of big diesel motors. Pretty soon they were surrounded by all types of motor homes. There were fifth wheels with fourteen slide outs and garages in the back. There were motor homes that were the size of small third world countries only with more opulence than the Ritz Carlton. They weren’t driven or pulled by old geezers. They were driven by young upwardly mobile type people. They came in caravans. They came in flocks. They came in herds. They arrived in droves and immediately set up these amazing camp sites complete with blow up palm trees and sparkling lights.

Kahuna took Gladys by the hand and they strolled through their new neighborhood. They walked up and down the lanes admiring the sights. There were signs stating what motoring clubs were parked together. There were signs announcing what activities these groups would be sponsoring. Kahuna and Gladys were intrigued. They walked down to the pond and admired the California peppers shading the water way. They discussed the amount of water it must take to make this oasis in the desert. Then they rounded the corner and there it was in all its glory.

It stood out tall above the other motor homes. There is was in all of its splendor.

Yes a giant slipper. It was a giant slipper on top of a bus, well a motor home. It was a giant slipper on top of a pink and purple motor home. Then they spotted a guy on top of the motor home.

Gladys yelled up to the man on top of the bus “Oh kind sir, can you please tell me why you have a giant slipper on your pink and purple motor home?” The kind gentleman smiled down at Gladys and said “Why fair lady, it is for the P.S. Pride Parade this coming Sunday.” Gladys looked at Kahuna and Kahuna looked at Gladys in confusion. What was this P.S. Pride of which the fair gentleman spoke they queried. The kind and humble giant slipper owner explained that he and his partner had personally built the giant slipper and ingeniously attached it said motor home. They had done so in order to enter it into the Palm Springs Pride Parade. They had done so in homage to Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

That is when Gladys realized that she just like that other infamous California Beauty Queen had been de-throned.

Go visit these very inventive and interesting guys at Rainbow R.V. 

Life is an adventure, live it like one.


otin said...

I hope that there are no low bridges on the way! haha!

Gladys said...

Otin, it is on a hydraulic ram that lifts up and down. It was very well done. :)

Stephanie said...

Wow. Bound to garner attention on the road!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

That's awesome! The slipper thing, I mean.

And what the heck is that last picture? It looks like a whale sculpture!

MJ said...

Wow. Just. Wow.

Gladys said...

NGIP That is a slipper with a silver flag flying from it.

MJ - My senitments exactly. It was an amazing work of art.