Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Forgive Me

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned. It has been 4 days since my last post. I have been tempted by the devil and I am here asking for forgiveness...

First we left Boise Idaho in cool crisp clear weather and

were immediately met with this threat. Then we cruised down a narrow winding road to see
an actual drive-in movie theater which of course reminded me of the story of my really bad date in high school which you can read about here: The Dating Game

Then we saw these and couldn't figure out what they were growing. I mean they don't grow potatoes up a pole do they? I think I've been a city girl too long.

Then Kahuna found us our next home. Isn't it pretty? It's a fixer upper.

Then we saw a lot of this. A LOT! Oh and notice that is SNOW on the mountains. I am once again in shorts.

Did you know we left Montana with our grilled chicken on the roof of our car? Here it is 2 days later and guess what? It's still there. How long will it stay? Can you guess?

These are the Crooked something mountains in Oregan almost Nevada and guess what? They still have SNOW too.

I had iron skillet envy in McDermit Nevada. There was a little stab and grab grocery store and they had the best display of iron skillets. Y'all know I have an unnatural love for iron skillets.

Why THANK You Mr. Trucker. He must have spotted me in his mirrors. I mean with my day-glow white legs in my shorts. He must think goose bumps are sexy.

Can you guess what state this is?

Hey look I found it! The light at the end of the tunnel.

Isn't this beautiful and serene? Isn't it peaceful? Well it would be if there weren't fourteenbajillion gamblers pulling the handle of the one armed bandit.

What is the deal? It is MAY Mr. Gore. This is SNOW. Global warming my foot. Mr. Gore would you like for me to send you my blue toes? My ginormous goose bumps? My frozen tushie?

More driving down that lonely road...
Hey where is Fonzi? How about Richie or Mr. C? Oh wait wrong sit com. Kiss My Grits.

Guess where this is located? Hey I want to go to Ex'pression College. I so want to Ex' press my'self.

I left my heart........

This is handy. Just pull your bathroom with you. It would sure cut down on the stops and we made lots of those.

For some reason the computer cut the bottom of this tree off. I promise it's not bad photography.

This is Santa Barbara at the Hampton Inn. These guys did a great job of putting out the Little Baby Jesus Fire. It just goes to show you, don't piss off the baby Jesus. He'll light your life afire.
Now I have to go say my hail Deuces and Our PDubs.
Love Gladys from back at the ranch.


Queenie said...

Chicken? On the ROOF? for TWO days? You kill me. You really kill me. Is it still there?

rachaelgking said...

You know I've NEVER been to a casino??

I smell a birthday trip coming on...

Anonymous said...

That is a whole lot of "doing"...A real drive-in that is cool...maybe todays post will be about the drive in experiences we had growing up.

Bob said...

Silly woman, grilled chick doesn't go on the roof of the car. It goes in the grill. (But after it's been in the grill a few miles, be sure to pick out the chives before you eat it.)

Jaime said...

4 days away from blogging... were you going through withdrawal?

Mrs4444 said...

That's one heck of a road trip! Thanks for the photo update :)

The Texas Woman said...

Four Days? I was away from my computer all afternoon and felt the first inkling of withdrawal! Stay safe!

The Texas Woman

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Welcome back to the SoCal!

Debbie said...

The chicken slayed me but I think the drag along portapotties are a great idea.

Gladys said...

Ok Folks...
Queenie.. The chicken stayed on the roof for FOUR days. We did everything to see if anyone would say something to us or if it would fall off and you know what? It didn't and no one said a thing.

LiLu - I will be in Vegas the 21 of July come on out. I'll show you how to pull the slots.

MTAE- We've all had those ;)

Bob - I guess technically it would be roofed chicken.

Jaime- I thought I was going to have to go see Dr. Drew.

Mrs. 4's - I used to do these all the time. I'm out of practice.

Cher- I agree much too long.

Jen - It's a warm pleasure to be back

Debbie - That is why I prefer to travel in the Motorhome. I can tee-tee anytime. ;)

mamma3monkeys said...

Hi, new here. i love your stories. keep coming back for more, and reading those from the past. They grow Hops up those poles. And boy do they grow fast! You must have been near a brewery. :) Welcome back to CA. Just in time for fire season. Please say you brought the cold and rain with you...

Girly Stuff said...

Glad you made it!