Friday, July 24, 2009

Holy Crap and other Randoms

What is holy crap? Is it like swiaa cheese or is it divine? You make the call.

why do people always seem to be pissed off on vacation? It's vacation! I mean you should be happy.

Why is UPS called the Brown but FEDEX isn't called Big Blue?

OK I'm off like a prom dress. As a matter of fact I'm posting as I drive to LA.


Anonymous said...

Big Blue was already taken...IBM isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Just caught your act on TV
The hosts of KTLA keep saying "my picker is broken" over and over. Those guys loved you and they loved your little saying. I think a t-shirt is in the making.

Gladys said...

Thanks QC I had.a ball

MTAE- you're right!
Oh and that is suposed to say Swiss cheese, not Swaa chees

otin said...

George Carlin: "Why do we call them airports if they are on the ground, aren't they really groundports?"

Gladys said...

Otin- I see we are of the same school.

terri said...

I really don't know what holy crap is, but it's what keeps me from having a severe potty mouth.