Friday, July 10, 2009

Look out world, Tadpole's taking over.

So, I figured Gladys needed some vacation time, so I tied her up and put duct tape over her mouth. Don't worry she's fine, I made sure the soaps were on to keep her entertained. Now, I'm not much of a talker. I'm more of a listener. I like to listen to other people's b.s. and laugh. So naturally I listen to my mother all the time! Love ya Mom.

So mom tells me that her computer has been out sleeping around again and contracted CVD once again. Now I'm in charge of the blog. Scary idea I know.

Reading all these stories that Trooper Bob gives us makes me think of when I was little. The one thing that I always remember is Trooper Bob ripping off a big one and then blaming it on an elephant that ran under the chair. I always looked for that elephant, but could never find it. So to Trooper Bob, thanks for letting me believe in tiny elephants that make stinky trunk noises!

I guess more to come later.


Gladys said...

Mmmmm mmmm mmmmmpmmphh

Jean Martha said...


terri said...

It was elephants? My dad always told me it was the ducks flying overhead!

Girly Stuff said...

Our dog apparently had really bad bowels.

Bob said...

It's barking spiders at our house. (There goes one now.)