Friday, July 3, 2009

Random Thoughts 7-3-09 and The Sky is on Fire

It's Friday which means it's time to go visit Half Past Kissing Time for her Friday Fragments and of course Anne Again and Again is hosting her VGNO. Go on, go visit. I'll wait here with my sparklers and M-80's.
It’s already the 4th of July. Well almost in a couple of days. I can’t believe that it is already July. This year has flown by in a flash. So in light of the up coming holiday let me share with some of my patriotic thoughts.
Why is the white house white? Why isn’t it red, white and blue?
Why didn’t somebody spring the money to repair the Liberty Bell? I mean how tacky is it that our country can’t even repair one of it’s symbols of freedom? Does that symbolize our broken freedoms?

Now moving on to my overheard on the beach this week:
Girl in the tiny bikini to guy on the blanket in front of us: Do you think I look fat is this bikini.
Guy looks girl up and down replied: Considering it’s my 4 year old daughters bathing suite, you look pretty good.

Overheard in restaurant:
There was a table of octogenarians sitting at the table next to me complete with walker’s and hearing aides:
1st Lady: Did you hear that Michael Jackson died?
2nd Lady: Yes, they think he might have overdosed on Damitall
1st Man: Didn’t he used to play for the Chicago Bulls?
1st Lady: Who?
1st Man: That guy who died, Michael Jordon.

Seen in the Grocery:
Bottled water, bottled in Tijuana, Mexico. Now aren’t we told NOT to drink the water when we go to Mexico but it’s ok to drink it here from a bottle?

My Drink of the week is called a Sundowner:

1 shot of coconut rum

1 cup of pinapple juice (go all out here don't buy the cheap stuff)

2 dashes of Angustura Bitters (more or less depending on your taste buds)

Shake this with some crushed ice or heck pour it over your head it doesn't matter to me but I prefer to sip mine.

Happy Independence Day!


GypsyFox said...

wow fabulous pictures & love your overhead! great post! & the drink sounds FAB! HAPPY VGNO!

Sara Bonds said...

Oh my. I want one of those drinks! Lovely photos.

Happy F.F.!

Anonymous said...

Love your random questions and love your random eavesdropping convos. Too funny.

Happy VGNO!

Tranquility said...

That drink sounds PERFECT! I could really use one of those right now! ;)

Opus #6 said...

I always wondered about the Liberty Bell. What was the engineering story, and how were the decisions made. Happy VGNO.

Gena said...

happy VGNO

Mary K Brennan said...

Gotta love those conversations. Poor Michael Jordon..I mean Jackson!
Have a great VGNO!

Kitten said...

I love that picture of the sunset! Happy VGNO!

pam said...

I don't think I would buy water bottled in Mexico! Weird.

Stopping in and wishing you a great night and weekend.

Elizabeth said...

That sounds like an awesome drink, I'll definitely have to try it sometime. Happy VGNO!

Martha in PA said...

Happy VGNO. Maybe the Damitall was taken with the water bottled in tijuana... (really not making light of MJ passing...)

Drahdrah said...

Mmmm... malibu rum and pineapple juice - that's one of my favorites ! Love your pics. Happy VGNO.

Blog Administrator said...

Happy VGNO! Hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July.

Stop by Lin's Duck and Wheel With String to vote for me in her First Official Dork-Off Contest. Vote for my photo, because my kindergarten photo is THE dorkiest.


Anonymous said...

Stopping by for VGNO. Love your makes me smile! Happy 4th of July.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by for VGNO. Love your makes me smile! Happy 4th of July.

Mrs4444 said...

Seriously-Did you really hear that stuff, or did you make it up? Crazy. You're a funny one, Gladys; enjoyed your fragments :)

Gladys said...

Gypsy-Thanks I took that one the other night and it turned out much better than I thought.

Sara-Thanks for stopping by and I want one of those drinks too.

Yaya- What is sad is those are my true random thoughts. I have a bajillion of them a day and just remember to write a few down.

Tranquility - by all means have one on me. Well not like body shot or something but you know.

Opus- I know there is a reason why they never repaired it but I don't remember what it is. I guess being the daughter of a perfectionist I would want it perfect.

Mary K - I loved that this was the topic of their lunch conversation. I love listening to older people talk about current events.

Kitten- Thank you. I do not photoshop, don't have it, don't know how. That was the color of the sky.

Pam- It puzzled me too. Maybe the people from Mexico are afraid they will get George Washington Revenge or something if they drink the water from here.

Elizabeth- it is yummy but really sweet so go easy.

Martha- That would be a deadly combination.

Drahdrah-mine too but since I'm on a no sugar diet I can't have one.

Just Aimee- Thanks you too

Mrs. 4's - Yes they are actual conversations. I carry a notebook with me when I go to the beach especially because I hear such interesting conversations. Why just yesterday I swear I was sitting next to the REAL HOUSEWIVES of NEW Jersy.

The Gonzo Mama said...

Broken freedoms... what an appropriate visual. I use the 4th to reflect and pray for those who do not enjoy the freedoms we do in our great country.

Happy VGNO!