Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 7 Excerpt from the Mountain Woman

January 7, Entry

I holed up in my cubby as long as I could. I knew that I had too venture out and get some staples. I didn't want to go out as the ice was hanging low on the eves and the snow was piled up. I knew that eventually I would be completely out of flour and sugar.

I bundled up resigned to leave my warm fire. I donned my boots and headed out.

I cleared the snow off the wagon and hitched up the team.

As I rolled down the road headed towards civilizaton I thought how clear and clean everything looked. Even with the grey of the clouds and the snow falling it is still a beautful place.
There were pockets of clarity then it would go misty and snowy once again. The road was icy but the wagon lumbered on.

I rolled along seeing other travelers out on this snowy day. Some on much more important missions than mine. Some in need of doctoring.Some in need of nourishment.Others well... I understand they have Tattoos While You wait.
I push on to the general store. I push on because I know that I will never make it through the rest of the winter with the paltry supplies I have left in my larder. I push on to trade with the local mercantile.

Finally I arrived at Planet Squalmart. Where life is never dull and there always a few characters.

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