Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lulu, Too Legit To Quit

It’s Lulu’s birthday today. Who is Lulu? She is the youngest of our children. She is the baby, the last of the brood. She is the quiet, contemplative one. She is the first of Kahuna’s children I ever met and it was quite by accident. She is also the one that I am the most fiercely protective over. She is the one that I seem to identify with the most. Maybe it is because we are both the babies of our families or maybe it’s because we both have a thing about baking or it could be our love of shoes I am not really sure. I just know that there is something about her that draws me in. She doesn’t know this and please don’t tell her but she pretty much can walk all over me and get her way with very little protest.

What I didn’t know about Lulu, because she is so quiet, is that she is hilarious. She has a great sense of humor and a wit that is not only quick but posesses an apt perception of events that translates into hilarious repartee. I do have to tell you that of the birthday’s with which I have been privileged to share with her, none of them have been dull. You can read about her last birthday at my post called “Sisters”. What I haven’t told you about was her 18th birthday some years ago. Yes I was very eventful taking about 15 people to the river, renting pontoon boats and trying to keep them out of the bars and casinos. We won’t even talk about the unfortunate event that happened on the freeway on the way home. We won’t mention the fact that somehow or another the vehicle she was driving got thrown into reverse at seventy-miles per hour. Oh wait I just mentioned it didn’t I?
I do want Lulu to know how much I appreciate her. I want her to know that we may have differences in the way we do things and we may have differences of opinions but all of that is what makes a good relationship. It gives all of us a good balance. I want her to know what a strong, brave and independent woman she has become and how very proud I am of her. I am proud of her scholastic ability and the way in which she handles herself and those around her. I am awed and proud of her ability to assess a situation and call it for what it is. I am impressed with her compassion and caring.
All in all I just want her to know how much I love her. Oh I know I didn’t birth you. I know I wasn’t there when you learned to walk or spoke you first words but that doesn’t change the way my heart feels for you. It doesn’t change the pride, love and warmth I feel for you.
My birthday wish for you my sweet child is that it is the first of many happy, healthy and fun filled for you’re in your now legal, legitimately adult life. Now go have a good time and please this year don’t end up in the pokey.


terri said...

Happy Birthday LuLu!

(pssst.... she's lucky to have you, Gladys!)

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

That is such a beautiful post Gladys. You two are lucky to have each other!

Suzy said...

Happy Burp Day.

PorkStar said...

Happy birthday to her!

Bob said...

...though the clock says seven-thirty, it's really after ten -- looks like Lulu's been repairing it again. Though she's wild as any Zulu, and she's just as hard to train, Gladys loves her little Lulu just the same...

(It's amazing the garbage my mind has retained.)