Saturday, June 6, 2009

Buck's Birthday Bonanza

This is not Buck and Pie but it is Trooper Bob and Buck. Like Father...

Yesterday my brother and his wife celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. Today is his birthday. Yes in 1976 for his birthday he got married, well the day before. You see my brother, Buck, is celebrating his birthday today. I think the reason he got married on the day before his birthday is so he would never forget his anniversary, thus, remaining alive another year.
Doesn't he look sweet? The dog not my brother.

I have talked about Buck before in Waterboarding Buck’s Way and several other post like Found Under A Rock. I must tell you though not only was he a pest he also was a teacher, tutor and an inspiration. He has always had an inquisitive mind. One year for Christmas my sister and I received Chatty Cathy dolls from Santa. We will call Matilda’s doll Chatty and Gladys’ doll Cathy for the purposes of this story. A couple of months later after listening to Chatty and Cathy say “I Love You Mommy” and “Satan is in your heart” oh wait that was my Linda Blair doll. Anyway curiosity got the best of Buck and he with fingernail file and screw driver in hand dismantled Chatty right there in the back yard. He took apart the pieces and the parts and examined each and every one. He laid them all out in our little red wagon that sometimes doubled for a diving board into our blow up swimming pool. He inspected each transistor and connector then he put it back together piece by piece. Only when he finished putting Chatty back to rights he had a couple of extra parts. He just chalked it up to the fact that we as humans have parts that we don’t use and so did Chatty.

Matilda went in search of her beloved Chatty only to find her still on the operating table. She grabbed her up and cradled her to her and pulled the little cord located on Chatty’s neck. She waited to hear the familiar “I love you mommy”. The cord released and began to suck back into its coil at light speed and as it did she heard “ijom;elrj;oiugoajekrlekuoiuolmlje” from the speaker located in Chatty’s chest. She shook her then pulled the cord again. Once more came the foreign sound of “poiuqelkjr;lekjaoiufogughl”.

Smoke came pouring from Matilda’s ears, her eyes squinted and she began to look for the culprit. She stomped through the gate and into the cul-de-sac looking for the Joseph Mengela of the doll world. She spotted him on his blue Schwin bicycle chatting up his latest crush. He was impressing her with his knowledge of astronomy and science when he heard the scream. He looked up in time to see his little sister coming his way. He bid a hasty ado to his admirer and tried to ride away. Matilda was having none of it. She stopped him cold. She stared him down and asked “what did you do to Chatty?” He looked his angry sister in the eye and said defiantly “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She shoved Chatty into his face pulled the string and out came “Mmeopiema;uoukj;ehh” He looked at his sister and said “I don’t know what your talking about. What happened to your doll?” Matilda inspected her brother’s face and she said “you’re lying and I know your lying. Your nose is spreading. It always spreads when you lie.” Buck took the doll from his sister and said “I can fix this. Let’s go to the backyard.”

My two siblings retreated to the backyard. Buck rummaged through a small pile of toys until he found just the right thing. He then undressed Matilda’s Chatty then redressed her with another outfit. He then dressed Gladys’ Cathy doll with Chatty’s dress. He pulled the string on Cathy and she said “I love you Mommy”. He looked at Matilda and said “Here you go. Good as new.” Then he replaced Gladys doll into the pile with the possessed Chatty.

Happy Birthday Buck. I hope you’ve gotten better at fixing things.


Tatersmama said...

Happy Birthday Buck!

Boy, you look all non-excited in your photo, but maybe that's AFTER all the celebrating, eh?
I hope it was a happy one anyway!

You OWE your sister big time, so go get her another piece of cake and tell her how much you love her... Maybe she will forgive you, in spite of your earlier transgressions!
(I hope she gave you an Indian burn for messin' with her doll!)

Kelley said...

Happy Birthday to Buck! My husband had the same idea, anniversary wise- our wedding day is three days before his birthday. It's also conveniently close to Super Bowl Sunday, so we can have an anniversary/birthday/Super Bowl party. Yay me.

Mrs4444 said...

Tsk Tsk Tsk! I think you owe your SISTER a present, Buck. Happy Birthday :)

Leslie @ Hobbs Holler said...

Hah! That Buck is one clever fella! Lordy, 33 is a lot of years of wedded bliss.

The Texas Woman said...

Happy buckin' firthday...wait, my dyslexia is acting up again! I meant to say...oh, never mind!

The Texas Woman

Bob said...

Buck's the man! Sheer genius!!! (It's like the solution to a Rubik's Cube I once saw for sale -- it was just a brand new set of stickers you could put on all the faces.)

Anonymous said...

I don't quite remember events happening that way, but then again at 56 I can't remember much of anything. Thanks for the memories.



Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That's a perfect brother story.