Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Thoughts and Meteors

In the spirit of Friday Fragments over at Half Past Kissing Time...

This picture represents nothing other than I actually got to sit on the beach and watch the surfers do their thing at Trestles.

This is why it's called Trestles

It has finally happened. The guy who shot up the Holocost Museum Van Hesling or whatever his name. When interviewed his neighbors all said "That guy is crazy as a bed bug in a cheap whorehouse" So not all sociopath's are nice neighbors.

Why is it when you sweep there is always this one pile of sand that just chases you around? You sweep and sweep and no matter what you do there always seems to be a little pile of sand.

This is what my kitchen floor looked like.

Why do we have to change our T.V.'s over to digital? I mean the digital watch didn't last did it? Will the digital T.V.? How about the digital watch t.v.?

If you have read my blog for any length of time then you will know that one recurring theme exist. It is that I have a fear of being struck by an errant meteor plummeting to earth smushing me into molten nuclear lava. Go read "Found Under A Rock". Well today on the internet they have not only confirmed my fear but increased my phobia ten-fold. Now you know if it is on the internet it is true, right? Here is the article that appeared on MSN.

Teen knocked down ... by a meteorite?
14-year-old German boy says flying rock from space left a scar

A 14-year-old German boy says he was hit in the hand by a pea-sized meteorite that scared the bejeezus out of him and left a scar.
Does this mean he will have magical powers like Harry Potter? Also I didn't realize bejeezus was a technical journalistic word.
"When it hit me it knocked me flying and then was still going fast enough to bury itself into the road," Gerrit Blank said in a newspaper account published Friday. Astronomers have analyzed the object and conclude it was indeed a natural object from space, The Telegraph reported.
As compared to what? An unnatural object?
"It's a real meteorite," Ansgar Korte, director of the Walter Hohmann Observatory in Essen, Germany, was quoted as saying.
Again as opposed to a ‘fake’ meteorite? Hey Sam let’s go hurl some fake meteorites at prepubescent boys in Germany.
OK Ernie, let me grab a six pack of Bud and some of Martha’s biscuits. They make real good fake meteorites.

Most meteors vaporize in the atmosphere, creating "shooting stars," and never reach the ground. The few that do are typically made mostly of metals. Stony space rocks, even if they are big as a car, will usually break apart or explode as they crash through the atmosphere.
This brings new meaning to the old song “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket…”
There are a handful of reports of homes and cars being struck by meteorites, and many cases of space rocks streaking to the surface and being found later. But human strikes are rare. There are no known instances of humans being killed by space rocks.

According to a article on the topic a few years, back:
· On Nov. 30, 1954, Alabama housewife Ann Hodges was taking a nap on her couch when she was awakened by a 3-pound (1.4-kilogram) meteor that crashed through the roof of her house, bounced off a piece of furniture and struck her in the hip, causing a large bruise.
Ok this one might be a little suspect because she was an Alabama housewife. Aren’t these the same women they show after an alien abduction or tornado with their hair in curlers and a casserole dish in their hands saying, “I was just laying there watching Springer when all of a sudden…”
**disclaimer: That is a joke and I do not believe that about Alabama housewives. Now if it were Mississippi….

· On Oct. 9, 1992, a large fireball was seen streaking over the eastern United States, finally exploding into many pieces. In Peekskill, N.Y., one of the pieces struck a Chevrolet automobile owned by Michelle Knapp. Knapp was not in the car at the time.
Once again isn’t this one of those guys they interview on those “Aliens Among Us” shows?
· On June 21, 1994, Jose Martin of Spain was driving with his wife near Madrid when a 3-pound (1.4-kilogram) meteor crashed through his windshield, bent the steering wheel and ended up in the back seat.
OK this guy is from Spain so he MUST be believable right?
In 2004, a 2,000-pound (900-kilogram) space rock bigger than a refrigerator exploded in the night sky over Chicago, producing a large flash and a sound resembling a detonation that woke people up. Fragments rained down on that wild Chicago night, and many were collected by residents in a northern suburb.
Believe it or not I wasn’t in Chicago when this happened, so it must not have been meant for me.

It is VGNO over at Ann Again and Again...again. Yes dears it is Friday already. So go on over and play her Pink Lady game. Now she gives her recipe for the adult beverage a "Pink Lady". Where I grew up there was a drive-through resturant that had "Pink Cookies". They were delicious. Basically a thumbprint cookie with pink icing. I don't have the recipe but I'll tell you they were heavenly. I will however give you my next favorite cookie recipe. Shhh...don't tell the Kebler Elves.

· 1 cup
all-purpose flour
· 2 tablespoons
all-purpose flour
· 1/8 teaspoon
ground cinnamon
· 1/2 cup
butter, softened
· 1/2 cup
pecans, finely chopped
· 1/2 cup
powdered sugar, sifted, divided
· 1/2 teaspoon
vanilla extract
powdered sugar

Combine flour and cinnamon in a large bowl. Add butter, pecans, 1/4 cup powdered sugar, and vanilla, stir well until blended. Batter will be stiff. Shape dough into 1 inch balls. Place on ungreased cookie sheets. Bake at 400 degrees fahrenheit for 10-12 minutes. Remove cookies to wire racks to cool slightly. Roll cookies in powdered sugar, and cool completely on wire rack.


jewelrybyrebecca said...

OMG, I have a visual of chicken little running around screaming "the sky is falling!"
;-) Have a good weekend.

Mrs4444 said...

Meteor-smeeteor! If you're gonna die, you're gonna die. Glad you got to enjoy the beach, if not the sand :) No sand here...just lots of dog hair....

Thanks for playing this week! :) Have a great weekend.

Mandala Michelle said...

Have a great VGNO and don't get hit by any flying meteorites!

Julie from JulieChats said...

Ahhh....sand to sweep! Can't wait until we can get away to the beach in August. Our sand is like tiny, soft grey powdered sugar (in Oregon), my daughter always has it stuck in between the fibers in her swimsuits, you can NEVER get it out!

Stopping by from VGNO!

Carolee Hollenback said...

Did someone say cookies?

Have a happy VGNO!

Gladys said...

Rebecca - yes I sometimes get called a little chicken, um I mean chicken little.

Mrs. 4's - yes I would prefer to die trying on the most expensive pair of shoes while choking on the perfect martini on my 151st birthday.

Mandala Michelle - I am always mindful of those errant meteors

Julie - I always hate it when the sand gets caught in the lining of your swimsuit and it looks as if you have shit your pants.

Carolee- Go bake these they are like crack. In fact I call them my crack cookies. Not that you put them in your know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Cookies, pink ladies and meteorites, Oh My. Happy VGNO

Gladys said...

Mrs Cooper - that is only because I thought lions, tigers and bears were passe'

Terry said...

Hi sweetie
Hey that is one cool surfer,
Oh no the sky really is falling ,I thought it was more Russian space trash .
Oh yeah congrats on the award :)
Happy Trails

Elizabeth D. said...

It's funny that your recipe is called Danish Wedding Cookies - mine is pretty similar and it's called Mexican Wedding Cakes! Small world. They're my husband's fave, and he has me make them every Christmas. Happy VGNO!

Gladys said...

Terry - Russian Space Trash? I haven't seen any empty bottles of Stoli. Some Grey Goose but no Stoli.

Elizabeth - Kebler is who called the Danish. Dane or Mexican I call them crack.

I am Harriet said...
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I am Harriet said...

Sorry about the previous comment- misspelling...

Wow! Amazing post with such wonderful information.

Happy VGNO!

Golfersmom said...

Happy VGNO!!!!!!

Jaime said...

wow. that gives a whole new meaning to "the sky is falling" freaky to think about stuff falling out of the sky.

better not to think about such things!

have a great weekend

Mary K Brennan said...

I tried leaving a comment earlier, but you won't believe this one: A meteor, yes a meteor crashed through my house and knocked over my drink. All hell broke loose.
It took awhile to get back on line, but have no fear, I've returned.
Enjoy VGNO!

Ali said...

Oh I love those cookies, haven't had them in ages! Yeah, the whole digital tv thing stinks. We don't have cable or satellite so with digital, it either comes in or it doesn't, no watching a snowy pic but still hearing the sound (in the case of the news when there is a tornado possibility, that is SUPER important! I have a slight Happy VGNO!

Kris said...

Smokin' Molly here. Happy VGNO.
The lady across the street when I was a kid always had these really good pink cookies. No clue what there were. Sure wish I knew, cause I sure would love one.

Lola said...

Smokin’ Molly stopping by for VGNO.

Have a great weekend.

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

I believe all those meteor stories!

Dropping in to enjoy your party. Have a great night.

The Texas Woman said...

Wow, this was a party tonight. I think I missed it though.

The Texas Woman

Gladys said...

Harriet - don't worry about spelling I won't count it on your final grade.

Golfersmom - right back atcha.

Jamie - if I get hit by one can I hire you to sue God?

Mary K - see! I was right. They cause all kinds of havoc.

Ali- They don't even sell Kebler Danish Wedding cookies in my neck of the woods.

Kris - if I find the recipe and I have it SOMEWHERE. I'll post it for you.

Lola - are you the Copa Cabana Lola? She was a show girl...

Pam - Me TOO!

Cher - you know the old saying. Never wear panties to a party.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by for VGNO! Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Don't you wish you could surf like that? I do, but I'm too chicken. Besides, I don't want to get hit by a meteor whilst surfing. That just makes for all kinds of bad.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and about that one pile of sand that follows you around? I have a solution! Don't sweep.

Bob said...

I had no clue what VGNO meant (thinking maybe it was the name of a Yugoslavian professional wrestler). So I learn something every day -- and usually forget about twice that much.

BTW -- I just love a tightly written coherent post.