Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thank You Everyone but...

Hey thanks everyone for going over to Blogluxe and voting for me! You know you can vote EVERYSINGLESOLITARY day until July 6. So if you voted for me yesterday you can vote for me again today and tomorrow and the next day and den and den and den....So go on over and vote for me again.

Pssst June come over here... this is just for you. Thank you, for voting for me even though you are up there on the top of the list. That makes my day. Now that I've given you a big sloppy kiss you can hit me.

Now then I'm going back to my dungeon where I have no internets and no telephones.

Hugs and kisses to everyone who voted for me and hey go vote again. Oh and yes I have no shame. I will beg plead and cry for votes.


The Texas Woman said...

Oh, OK!

The Texas Woman

Mrs4444 said...

Never a dull moment in those parts, is there? Wow.

Suzy said...

Email me what category you're in so I can keep it in my inbox and won't forget, k?