Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Mountain Woman's Diary 3-28

It has been a long cold winter. The sky has been grey more days than not and just when I think the snow has stopped and spring will return another storm blows in. The chill in the air has changed from a dry snow to a wet slushy mess. It becomes more and more difficult to venture out. I have holed up in my cabin with you my dear diary as my only friend. I have found myself relying on my memory to fill me with the warmth of summer and my imagination to remind me of warm tropical breezes.

I have been feeding Festus, the injured deer, regularly hoping he too will survive out the rest of winter. He has improved immensely over the last several months. His broken leg seems to have set itself although it’s a little askew and he seems not to miss his tail. He is still very skittish but will approach to feed if I keep my distance. He has brought with him many friends. They all seem to congregate around the homestead now looking for a hand-out.

The snow melts and they are able to find some grasses and acorns only for it to fall once again and cover their feeding grounds. They bed down in the snow and rest conserving their energy until once again they are able to uncover the scarce tidbits of fodder to keep them going until spring.
I must go now diary. I am out of supplies and I must trudge through the muck and the mire before the next heavy snow hits. I will keep in mind my forest friends and return with supplies to share.

They really like hearts of roman, apples and corn on the cob. I sure hope Costco hasn’t sold out.


Suzanne said...

I showed Hubs your photos today... he loved it! He says very unique and beautiful pictures.

Warm hugs~ Suzanne

Girly Stuff said...

Too cold!

But really pretty.

Coffee Bean said...

I love your photos! How beautiful!

Queenie said...


thanks, Gladys, your story made my day

Kathy said...

You are sweet to feed the hungry deer. Folks around my neck of the woods tend to be more stuffy about such things. Loved the photos and the sentiment.

Jaime said...

beautiful pics

Cher said...

Lordy, lordy, Gladys. Them pictures is cold looking'! It was in the seventies here. hehehehehe

The Texas Woman

Jacki said... sweet!

We had a herd of six deer regularly dine at our house, but we had to stop feeding them because they ate all the bushes and flowers. And since we would like to get our security deposit back, we had to deter them in hopes that the vegetation would grow back.

Katherine Aucoin said...

Your photos are fantastic and I'm hoping you see some sun and warm weather very soon!

Gladys said...

Suzanne - Thanks. I'm a fledgling, my son, my daughter, and my best friend are trying to teach me how to photograph.

Girly - It's actually warming up and yes it is beautiful. Growing up in Texas I never experienced this.

Coffee Bean - Right back at cha. I want to go camping with you.

Queenie - Thanks!

Kathy - I feel bad for them they look hungry. I'm waiting for the bears to wake up that ought to be interesting. ;)

Jaime - Thanks.

Cher- thanks for rubbing it in!

Jackie - Since we live on the edge of a wooded area no real landscaping I'm thinkng it's ok.

Katherine - Me too. If I don't stop cooking your recipe's and eating them I will be too big to get out the door!