Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It has come to Gladys' attention that there has been an escape from the Flathead Beacon area. This woman obviously left the Flathead area and moved to Florida.

I wonder if she were going to pay for them with a $30 dollar bill?

Now back to your regular scheduled program.


Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

It was me, I'm sorry, I left without permission - I just get crazy when I need a McNugget fix man...I was hurtin' - I won't let it happen again.

Sorry, my bad.

The Texas Woman said...

The G.L.A.D.Y.S. News Network, keeping us up-to-date on breaking news!

The Texas Woman

Tatersmama said...

Uh oh... so we're not "supposed to call the police when they don't have McNuggets? I'm gonna be in BIG McTrouble then.

Hey, it kind of makes me wonder if she would have dialed 911 and asked for the fire department if her KFC was too spicy.
I mean... that's what I always do.

Julius Macker said...

I was actually the Beacon's second intern.

Gladys said...

Hey JULIUS! Great to see YOU. I have to tell you I'm your #1 FAN!

Debbie said...

I feel so much more educated and safer every time I leave your site!