Friday, March 6, 2009

The Original Adventures of Hank Only 2 Days Left

When Tadpole was little she got bit by the reading bug. She read voraciously. My rule was I read what she read. She read all of the Dr. Seuss books. We cooked green eggs and ham and looked for Who’s wherever we went. Perhaps there was a Whoville there on the dandelion we were digging up out of our weed ridden yard. We went from Marvin K Mooney to Winnie the Pooh and Eyore too. Then we graduated to the “Babysitter’s Club” and the complete set of” The Saddle Club”. She eventually grew up and I had a hard time keeping up with what she read. She devoured a book in hours not days and still does.

We still trade books and give each other recommendations but I will always treasure our reading adventures we took together. The series of books we both enjoyed more than others though was “Hank The Cow Dog”. We would rip through one book anxious to find out what Hank and Drover would get into next.

Now, I’m not the Pioneer Woman giving away Cadillacs and Diamonds but I would like to share some fun with you. So I'm giving away the first 4 yes count them FOUR in the "Hank The Cow Dog" series.
So tell your friends, call your mommer and them and tell them to come on over here and leave me a comment on this post. Tell me what was your favorite book either you read as a child or you have read with your children. I’m going to give you until Next Thursday to leave a comment. I will announce a winner next Friday.
I know, I know! I wish I could give you a pony too.


Queenie said...

Don't worry about the pony, Gladys. They're not all they're cracked up to be. They bite. They poop. And they eat everything in sight, including the wooden slats of their stalls. Now books - they are the real treasures. It was the Nancy Drew series for me and a novel about the frozen North called Mrs. Mike. For my daughter, it was the Babysitter's Club, Heidi, and - like you and tadpole - Suess.

Staci said...

My absolute favorite book when I was a kid is "Cowboy Dan". "I'm a rootin-tootin cowboy and my name is Cowboy Dan!" Doesn't get any better!

Amber said...

My 3 boys and I loved Hank and Drover. We read all 3 of them, now I have given their dog eared, worn, muchloved copies to my 8 year old nephew, who is totally devouring them.
I did, and still do read everything my 3 read before they read it...from Dr. Seuss to Harry Potter, now toJohn Grisham, Steven King and now the Twilight Series. But honestly, I think I enjoy them as much if not more than they

Bob said...

I never tire of re-reading C.S. Lewis. I so clearly remember the first time I read "A Grief Observed". This was long before the Movie "Shadowlands", and I knew nothing of C.S. Lewis's marriage to Joy Grisham. I had no clue what hid behind this innocent-sounding title -- I just assumed it was another of Lewis's works in Christian apologetics (like "Mere Christianity" and "Surprised by Joy").

But I was the one surprised by Joy (Joy Grisham) -- learning for the first time how Lewis grieved so bitterly over the loss of his bride. It's a fairly short book, and I read it in one sitting -- alternately smiling (as Lewis expressed so well how he adored this sharp-witted woman) and crying (as we [C.S. Lewis and I] contemplated a universe in which she no longer existed). I was wrung out when turned that back cover.

To my three sons I read aloud (as bedtime stories) all seven books of Lewis's "Chronicles of Narnia". We also read Kipling's "Jungle Book", Tarkington's "Penrod" series, etc., but we kept coming back to "Narnia" -- the boys always wanted to hear those stories about Aslan. Over the years I believe I read the entire Narnia series aloud three times.

Of course C.S. Lewis wrote well, but the reason he bears repeating is: He thought well. Like water gushing from a deep artesian well, his words flowed from a mind -- not just surprised by joy but -- compelled by love.

Michelle said...

I loved the Bobbsey Twins - my great aunt's old yellowed copies that the pages would break off if you bent them or hit them against something. Something about how careful I had to be with the books made me treasure them.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My 24-year old daughter forgot her book when she came home last weekend--so she started rereading the first Little House book--the very same ones that were mine when I was a child.

Bonnie from Iowa said...

I LOVED Nancy Drew!I also devoured books when I was young. I even remember reading my Grandma's Zane Grey books. My favorite books to read my son were "The Berenstein Bears". I read 3 books a night, every night, to my son for years. Went through all the children's books in the library more than once. Can't wait for grandchildren to read to!

Tracy said...

Just found you on CDW's blog and had to check it out.
My favorite book as a kid was called "My Pet Mouse Charlie?" At least I think it was. I made my mom read it to me MANY times. I would love to find it again just for old time's sake. It was about a mouse hiding all around the house and the boy(I think it was a boy!) had to find him. Anyone know this book of which I write?...please!
Later on, you couldn't get me away from my Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drews

Mrs4444 said...

My favorite book to read with my kids was a Sandra Boynton book called, Doggies. It was really fun to read, because there were 10 different kinds of dog barks to make that repeated. Love her books! I'd love to win yours! :)

Jaime said...

my favorite book was "if you're afraid of the dark, remember the night rainbow"

my son has had me read him "bubbles bubbles" and "nighty night" no less than 50 times this weekend!

Girly Stuff said...

My boys would love those! So just give them to me.

My mom should have read what I read, because you should never let a nine year old read the Flowers in the Attic series! Ha!

Jacki said...

Awww...this reminds me so much of me and Emma, and me and my mom. My mom and I are always trading books. Emma LOVES to read, and we are always reading books and magazines. I've never heard of this book series, however.