Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vote For My Great Caninenieces

My niece Tooter has to be one of the most creative and inventive people I know.  She will turn red and shuffle her feet and say "Aw Aunt Gladys."   The truth is she didn't know a sewing machine from a frying pan and she put her mind to sewing some costumes for her little doggies for Halloween.

 Now let me first say that these two little doggies are not dogs but are more like children.  They go every where with Tooter.  They have flown all over the nation, ridden boats, trains, planes and automobiles.  They have eaten in some of the finest resturants and stayed in some of the fanciest hotels.

 That being said she entered them in a little Halloween contest and I just think they are too cute not to win.  So go over to the button on the side of this page and click on it.  Vote for #58.  I'm just so danged proud of my little Great Caninenieces and of Tooter.  She rescued both of these little sweeties and I think they found a humdinger of a momma even if she does dress them up in dresses.


Jaime said...

love that last pic. your dog makes a great fish.

VE said...

Ha! Good ones. I haven't even featured those costumes before and I've covered a LOT of pet costumes over the last three years. I'd vote them winners!

Train Wreck said...

OMG!! Those are the cutest! I am on my way to vote!!

Mrs4444 said...

Awww. Way too cute! Off to vote!