Monday, October 12, 2009

Gabby is as Gabby Does

I did not forget. Nope I didn’t. Honest I didn’t. I wrote a tribute a couple of weeks before the big day and then my dog ate it. Really he ate it. Man you should have smelled his gas…pee-ewe!

Then I rewrote it and I put it some where. I don’t know where if I did I would have posted it. Then I turned around and it was two weeks later and kind of embarrassing to admit that it has gone THIS long and I still haven’t posted this. Honestly what do you say? I’m sorry? Ooops? Yeah I know I should have done this before but what with National Bully Awareness week and my dog’s flatulence problems well it kind of slipped past me. This post, not the flatulence.
What the heck am I talking about you ask? Gabby’s Birthday. Oh come on you remember, Gabby. No not the character on Desperate Housewives, my niece. She is my niece, my brother’s only child, the second oldest grandchild and a real cutie. This is her first birthday as a mother. She had Opie last Christmas. He is a real cutie too. He just started to walk. What a great birthday present.

Doesn't Opie have a sunny disposition?
Gabby was born one year after Tooter and one year before Tadpole. She was one of the founding members of the Everyone But Tadpole Club. When the three girls were small they would all sing and dance around to the New Kids on the Block and Debbie Gibson. They would run around the back yard playing in the sprinklers singing and laughing. This is the image I have of her in my mind. In my mind there is no way she could be a mother, a teacher or even old enough to drive a car. I expect her to be blowing out the two candles on her birthday cake. I expect to find her playing with her Barbie Townhouse or driving her Barbie Jeep. I expect to find all three of the cousins to be standing on my mother’s hearth singing “I think we’re alone now….”

Gabby of course is the middle child.  She is the one poking Tadpole in the back.
The reality is she is a grown up woman. She has a child of her own. She is a gorgeous, loving wife and mother. She is a dedicated and experienced teacher. She is a woman of substance. I am proud to know her and even more proud to be her aunt.

Here she is instructing Tadpole how to vacuum
Happy Birthday Gabby. A little late but the sentiments are sincere.


Caution/Lisa said...

My aunts never wrote anything that nice about me!! Happy belated birthday, Gabby. Take your aunt out of ice cream.

Girly Stuff said...

She and me share the same childhood memories! Debbie Gibson, stirrup pants and vacuum cleaners!

Happy Bday!

The Texas Woman said...

Happy birthday, Gabby. Your aunt is too good with excuses. She must have lots of experiences that need for her to be excused!