Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Someone Has Been Sleeping In My Bed Finale

This is the third and final installment of my story Someone's Been Sleeping in My Bed and then the second part is here Part Two.  Now Cher over at The Texas Woman who evidently is the only person reading this story can read it all at once or as they say in the great nation of Texas "wonst".  So without further ado here is the final chapter in Someone's Been Sleeping in my Bed or how a drunk stole my hotel room.
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Kahuna and Gladys sat and sipped tea listening for whatever ruckus might occur. There were voices and footsteps. There was yelling and then Clara appeared back on the stairs a little out of breath. She ran to the phone and made another call “Edna, this is Clara over at the Inn. Yeah Barney made it but we are gonna need a little more help. Could you send over Harold? Ok, hun, you too bye.” She smiled a forced smile at us and said “Can I get you some more tea and cookies?” Kahuna looked at Gladys and in that instance they were totally in each other’s minds. Gladys smiled and said “that would be lovely.” She brought a tray with fresh baked cookies and a pot of tea then headed back up the stairs where evidently Barney was having a time getting Delbert out of the room.

The sound of scuffling and then something being drug across the floor resonated through the little sitting room directly under the ruckus. Then the front door flew open and a large older man entered looking around nervously. He spotted the couple and asked “do you know what room Delbert’s in?” Kahuna pointed up at the ceiling and said “the one where all the noise is coming from would be my guess.” The man nodded his thanks and took the stairs two at a time. All of a sudden the noise stopped.

Then there was a slide bump, slide bump across the hall above. The couple looked up the stairs to see Barney and Harold holding Delbert by the arms and pulling the passed out man down the stairs. Clara was behind them wringing her hands and saying “careful, don’t hurt him.” They drug poor Delbert out the front door and into the awaiting squad car. Gladys and Kahuna craned their necks in order to watch the procession escort the sleeping man to his awaiting chariot.

“I’ll have to call someone to come change the sheets and clean up your room” Clara explained to Gladys. “It may take a while because Jean has to come from out off Apple Road and that takes awhile. I would do it myself but she has the extra sheets.” Gladys looked at Kahuna and said “That’s okay. We can share a room.” Kahuna raised his eyebrows and smiled a little smile. Clara looked disapprovingly at the two and said “but it’s a single room. There is only one bed.” Gladys smiled back at Clara and said “does it have a floor?” Kahuna’s smile faded just a bit and Clara responded “I’ll see if I have any extra blankets.” With that she disappeared back into the magical black hole of her office.

Clara escorted the couple up the stairs to their room. She slowly opened the door and flipped on the light “I’m just making sure that this room is empty” she stated as she sat the extra blanket and towel on the bed. “I’m terribly sorry about all of this and of course I’ll make sure we refund the price of the other room” she said as she started toward the door. “We normally don’t have things like this happen. This is a very quiet Inn” she finished as she stood in the doorway. Kahuna closed the door and looked at Gladys then the two fell on the bed in wails of laughter.

The End or and they say in Texas
Wier Dunn Now!


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

What???? What????? Did anybody sleep on the floor?

Your pictures of Barney and (is it Jackie Gleason? - no wait -- Jonathan Winters? Whoever the guy from Smokey and the Bandit is....THAT guy.) Anyway, those accompanying pictures really enhanced the story - too funny!

Caution/Lisa said...

I don't think I noticed anything after that picture of the person being dragged off the field. I need to go back and enlarge that one.

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