Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Gladys 10-19-09

Doogie Howser Gone BAD

Let me preface this with I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on TV, but I have been interviewed on TV regarding relationships.

Oh my GOD!  Not only do I have jowels but I have old lady elbows!
I am also not a licensed therapist. I am however very experienced in bad relationships. Go read any of my Is Your Picker Broke stories and you’ll see. Now with that being said several months ago I posted Dear Gladys and told you to send in your questions. Some of you sent me some funny questions, which I loved, and some sent some serious ones. Here are a few of the ones I’ve received and my answers. I double checked with the people who sent me the questions and they have graciously allowed me to post their queries here. Thank you for participating. I will be happy to answer more questions and share more as you ask.

Now Rod Roddy what do we have for these brave people for playing?

Well Gladys we have this gorgeous Is Your Picker Broke
Travel mug and shopping bag.

Dear Gladys,

I read your blog but have never commented. I found your email on your profile and thought I’d give it a shot. You talk about your dad telling you your picker was broke. You said you would offer relationship advice and I guess that what I have is a relationship question. My kid sister is dating a man that nobody in our family likes. He is obnoxious and rude not to mention seems to be a big blow heart. Do we tell her we don’t like her boyfriend? Oh by the way she just got out of a relationship with another bad boyfriend. What do you think?

Dear Jules,
I’m sorry to tell you but it sounds like your sister’s picker is broke too. The problem with us broken picker’s is that we don’t realize our picker is broke until it’s much too late. We go through our lives thinking everyone else has the problem not ourselves. Yes you should tell your sister that your not pleased with her selection but do not alienate her. Instead encourage her to spend more time with you and your family with or without her boyfriend. Try to surround her with love as much as you can. She will eventually see what is best for her. You can not change her perception only she can do that but you can offer her love and support which may be what she is looking for in the first place.

Good Luck
Been There Done that Gladys


Dear Gladys,
I read on your twitter page that you lost 35 pounds and you said you did it without dieting. How is that possible?  Are you selling some kind of diet product or something?
Did you exercise and if so how much?

Dear Barb,
Can I call you Barb? Or is it Barbie? Or Babs? How do nicknames work? I mean why do they call Richard Dick? Oh wait I’m supposed to be answering the questions.

I told everyone I would share if they were interested in how I went from a 30 inch waist (yes family my waist had grown to 30) back down to 25.  I lost 35 pounds in less than six months.  No I am not selling anything or endorsing any product.  I have been skinny my whole life and have eaten everything and anything I wanted. I piled on the potatoes, sucked up the pasta and saturated myself in sweets. I was under a lot of stress and I wasn’t sleeping or exercising. One day I looked in the mirror and realized I had ballooned out.  I had cankles and I felt like double dipped dog poo. 

My doctor took my fat little cheeks in her hands and said “you must do something; you are killing yourself from the insides out.” I had some blood drawn and she determined what vital nutrients my body was lacking. Then she gave me some tips on what minerals and supplements I needed. I went home and continued baking homemade white bread, buttermilk pies, chocolate cakes and cookies, lots and lots of cookies.  Thinking that like before, when I was young it would right itself.

 One day Kahuna went to the doctor and was told his blood pressure was 179/140. Now killing me from the inside out is one thing but subjecting him was another. We agreed it was time to do as Bob Newhart says “STOP IT”. I immediately went back to my nutrition education and said it’s time to rethink what and how I cook and eat.

So I changed the way we looked at food. I changed the way we prepared our food and we have not been hungry or felt as if we were on a diet. We eat good healthy meals that are tasty and I am happy to report my cholesterol is down and so is Kahuna’s blood pressure. The most amazing thing is that we have both dropped 4 pant sizes. Our trousers and skirts fall right off of us, which can be a little embarrassing in Costco.

Yes we exercise, but not as much as you would think. We do yoga several times a week and made simple changes like parking at the far edge of the parking lot and walking the distance. We take the stairs instead of the elevator. We make ourselves get up and move even when we don’t feel like it. Every little bit helps from vacuuming the carpet to mopping the floor, it all counts.

Thin as a rail Gladys

If you would like me to answer your quandry or need advice you can e-mail me at  If I choose your question you too will receive what Carol Merrill is showing behind curtain number two and I won't even make you dress in a silly outfit.

 If you don't know what I'm talking about well ask your grandmother about "Let's Make A Deal".


Tracy said...

There's no one like Newhart!

Mike said...

I kind of had the same weight loss experience. I just changed my attitude about food, as opposed to watching my calories.

The Texas Woman said...

A lot of us should take on your eating attitude. We'd be so much healthier. Of course, on the other hand, I ate healthy, taught exercise 8 to 12 hours a week (depending on the week) and still got breast cancer. Go figure!

Do love a good buttermilk pie, though!


Gladys said...

Tracy - I love Bob Newhart!

Otin- it is a thought thing isn't it?

Cher - I know it just doesn't seem right but you have a head start on the Big started out doing the right things. Hang in there Woman you can beat this! I'll bake you a buttermilk pie (sugar free and no starch :)

Suzy said...

OMG Gladys was so genius on that TV interview. She's really made for TV. And her merch is fabulous because I was lucky enough to get some!!