Friday, October 2, 2009

Gladys has Salty Random Thoughts

Its Friday again which of course means that Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissing Time is up to her Friday Fragments. That is where you go over and link up your fragmented thoughts to her fragmented thoughts and everyone gets to read all of the fragments. It is also the day that Ann over at Ann Again and Again has her Virtual Girls Night Out. Also she is having a give-a-way. She is giving away Harry Connick Jr. Ok not him but his new CD. Go on over to her Review Page and don't enter so I can win.;)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!UPDATE!  Mrs. 4's named me as the Fragment of the week for something I said last week.  You can read it here Gladys has Hellish Random Thoughts.  Thank you Mrs. 4's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m getting old and forgetful or maybe I have adult attention deficit disorder. I left the house and made the 13 mile trek to town this morning with all intentions of going to the post office to pick up the mail. I went to Squal-mart, Big Lots, Smart and Final and made it to Target. Guess where I didn’t go.

Have you been shopping for fruit lately? No really have you? Now when I was a kid we had a couple of fruit trees in our yard. We had a peach tree, an apricot tree and a fig tree. My mom would go to the Safeway and bring home exotic fruits like bananas, oranges and sometimes if the season was right strawberries. I went to the grocery and about had an apoplexy trying to figure out what the heck a pluot was.  How about a peacotum, that sounds like a male body part.  Have you ever eaten a chokecherry?  I mean I've eaten cherries so fast that I choked on one but what is a chokecherry?


Kahuna and I were watching a surfer show. Hey shut up he tolerates The Real Housewives of Atlanta it’s the least I can do. Anyway they were talking about one professional surfer who had to take a year off because it just got too intense from him. WHAT? Isn’t surfing supposed to be one of the mellowest sports out there? Truth is…it’s a shark tank out there.


Since I mentioned surfing... that makes me think of the beach. Now I’m not a fashionista. I don’t wear the newest, latest and greatest bathing costumes but I have to tell you some people come to the beach dressed very, um…let’s say entertaining.

Leave the peach bike shorts at home, umkay.

Yes those are cowboy boots.  Yes they are on the beach.

Leave the Wonder Bra for Wonder Woman.

Sand, sand, sand, OH MY GAWD WHAT IS THAT?
Overheard at the beach:

Man to wife: Honey why don’t you look like that young girl in the thong over there.

Wife to Husband: What girl in a thong? I see a guy wrapped in sea weed. Maybe you need to clean your glasses.

Husband to Wife after she cleaned his glasses: Why did you do that? I liked the view from my dirty glasses better.


This is Steve.  I don't know who Steve was but they had a
memorial service for him at the beach.  I'm not sure but i think
Steve was in the world vase.  Rest in Peace Steve.
Now remember be good to one another.

Thoughts become things so think good ones.


Caution Flag said...

whoa, do you really think he was in the vase?

Love those boots! Keep snapping, girl. I like going to the beach with you :)

Sara Bonds @ Ordinary and Awesome said...

The wife and husband convo is hilarious.

I love that last thing you said about thoughts becoming things, so think good ones. SOOOOO true!

Happy FF!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I missed FF last week, so I'm glad you got Fragment of the Week this week so I could enjoy your brilliance! ;)

Going out to go to post office and going everywhere except the post office has definitely happened to me. Wait, maybe I shouldn't be admitting that...

There are some wild fruit out there - I'm wanting to experiment turning some of it into wine. :)

Loved the pictures and the hilarity in the overheard convo on the beach... And do you think there really was a Steve in that vase? Pretty crazy...

Happy VGNO and FF! :)

Mandala Michelle said...

1. Those beach photos are hysterical!

2. Your Mr. Linky link is missing a 'G' so the VGNO people may not find you.

3. I love pluots but yeah, that other thing sounds like a body part. Ewww.

Gladys said...

CF - I didn't look. I was afraid what I might see.

Sara- It's my mantra. I try to live by it but sometimes those nasty thoughts sneak in

Stacy - Glady your back!

MM - Thanks for the heads up. I fixed it.

♥georgie♥ said...

Happy VGNO!

OMGosh those pics AND your captions were hysterical!
congrats on being Barbs top fragmenter of the week-thats so awesome

Shop with Me Mama said...

LOVE your pictures :) Haha! Happy VGNO :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, this had me cracking up. The boots on the beach and ending it with Steve.

Stopping in from the VGNO. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love your beach pics!

I was so confused with your first VGNO link...

Happy VGNO!

Jaime said...

what are those people thinking showing up to the beach dressed like that? cowboy boots??? come on!

Alicia @ bethsix said...

Hey, in defense of the cowboy boots, I think it'd probably be pretty tough to get sand in 'em. :)

Happy VGNO!

Tania said...

Stopping by for VGNO!

carolee said...

Too funny!Those pics were great.

I love your quote at the end.

Hope you had a Happy VGNO!

mama-face said...

bahaha. People watching is the best. I always wonder who's looking at me and taking surreptitious photos. Or surreptitiously photographing me.

Favorite Word!!! Apoplexy!! YAY. I am way too excited about words.

LiLu said...

LOOOOOOOOVE those boots!!!!!!!

Gladys said...

Georgie - I love to take pictures and sometimes the Glamour Don't Gods look down upon me.

Shop with me Mama- Thank you.

Mrs. Cooper - Yeah Steve kind of took me aback.

Yaya- I'm glad I got it fixed.

Jaimie - I thought it was quite a fashion statement ;)

Alicia - I have a hard enough time waking on the beach in flip flops much less boots.

Tania- Happy VGNO TO YOU TOO!

Carolee- You manifest your own destiny.

Mama Face- I love words too otherwise what would I say?

Lilu - Classic. I saw them, had to whip out the camera. He kept eyeing me so I had to act like I was taking a picture of the girl in the bikini. ;)

Mrs4444 said...

Poor Steve....

Boy, those surfers are entertaining, aren't they?