Sunday, April 26, 2009

Does Your Dog Bite?

My family is a family of animal lovers. Oh we are not those insane PETA people who throw paint on fur coats and protest the Chicken Dance. We are the type of family who has shared our lives with dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, hamsters, fish and even a garden snake or two. Nurse Meme was adamant about animals in the house. They were absolutely not allowed. Well except for Pepe’ the Poodle and Taco the Chihuahua and yeah and there was Ruff the Cock-a-Poo then there was Nika the Yorkshire terrier the King of all the animals Killer the Yoodle.

Buck, my brother, is kind of a cool nerdy type of guy. He is was and always has been a very intelligent and funny person. He also loves to aggravate go read Waterboarding Buck’s way. It doesn’t matter who it is he will aggravate them including but not limited to our pets. We had a poodle named Pepe’ Le Peugh who loved it when my brother would play “gotcha”. This consisted of my brother squeezing Pepe’s haunches and yelling gotcha. Pepe’ would wiggle this way and that growling and biting at Buck until he was good and riled up then Buck would let him go and the game would start again.

One day when my brother was in high school he went to see a friend who lived up the street from us. The friend’s brother had gotten a new dog. I don’t really remember what type of dog it was but I think it was a beagle or a bird dog. Buck’s friend was really excited about the dog and was proudly showing it off to my brother. “Does he bite” my brother asked the dog’s master as ge bent down to play with the dog.
Remember the scene in the Pink Panther where Inspector Cleusau asks “Does your dog bite?”
Well that is pretty much what happened. Buck bent down to play with the dog and Rover decided my brother’s face looked like lunch. He clamped down on Buck’s nose and tried to eat it like a Snausage. Buck was screaming and Rover was not letting go. Buck having a beagle attached to his nose was trying to stand up straight to get away from the nose eating canine. Rover held on. This lasted for several minutes with my brother’s nose having been replaced by a puppy.

I have to say that I really hate that Youtube had not been invented yet because I would have loved to see the visual. I am guessing that a man carrying a dog around by his nose has got to be pretty humorous. The beagle finally relinquished my brother’s nose. It was a little worse for wear but it healed. The beagle was reprimanded for his unseemly behavior. The dog’s owner no longer answered the question “Does your dog bite” in the negative.
Oh and one other thing. The event did not teach my brother anything. Nope. He still aggravated the dog.


Tatersmama said...

Your brother is a cool, nerdy *intelligent* kind of guy? Yep, it certainly sounds like it!
It probably wasn't funny at the time, but paired with the video, I'm LMAO over here!

Terry said...

Hey now that your brother is older you can have a utube remake party in his honor :)
Just a thought .lol

Anonymous said...


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