Saturday, February 14, 2009

About A Boy and A Girl

There on the playground was the object of her affection, the boy. She was six he was seven and it was almost Valentines Day. She had struggled with what type of Valentine to give him. Should it be lacey and pink or should it be masculine. He was an older man after all. She had sat as close to him in church on Sunday as possible.

Happy when her mother and his mother gathered close to chat about who was sick and needed a casserole or who needed someone to sit with them after the loss of a loved one. It was during these times that she got to be close to the boy. She gave only one Valentine that year and it was to the boy.

The years went on and her affection for the boy never waned. They attended high school dances and choral performances, but not with each other. They had the same friends and went to the same church. The boy always noticed the girl and had a special affection for her but never pursued her. The girl being a proper young woman of the time didn’t pursue him. What would the ladies of the church say? What would her friends say? Most important what would the boy say?

The girl met another boy and fell in love. He was a military man and swept her far away. The boy met another girl, fell in love and stayed right there in fact the newlywed couple moved in to the cottage house behind the girl’s parents. Her parents took the newlywed couple in as their own. They even treated the young son that the couple was blessed with as their own grandchild. The boy, now a man, often inquired of the girl. You see he still cared for her.

Time went by and the young newlywed couple moved through their lives. The girl came back to her home town and lived with her husband. The boy and girl’s lives were entwined. They would lose touch with each other and then meet up once again. They always would inquire as to each other’s families. They were there to support the other when parents were lost and later on spouses. You see both had lost their spouse to the ravages of cancer. The girl lost hers and was there to help the boy through his loss. The caring and adoration had never gone away. She had always been a caring friend and was even more so during this difficult time.

Then one day the boy realized that he still cared deeply for the little girl who gave him the Valentine. He realized that she had always been in the thread of his life and it must have been for a reason. He was grateful to her and to God for giving him this blessing through out the stream of his life. He decided that it was better late than never. He pronounced his affection to the girl. He told her she had always been dear to him. He lavished affection on her and she on him. Then one day they announced to their grown children their intentions to wed. What could be better the children agreed. What better than the little girl and the little boy to finally be together.

That is how Doe came into our family and Trooper Bob entered into hers. So to my other mother I just want to say thank you for being in our lives. More importantly thank you for being in my daddy’s life. So today on the anniversary of the marriage of the boy and girl we cry tears of joy for our gains and tears of sorrow for our losses. Most of all we cry tears of gratitude for love.


Dawn Parsons Smith said...

That was an absolutely beautiful tribute! I'm teary eyed:)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Bob said...


Queenie said...

Loved it, loved it, loved it!
How many of us really get to see true love stories unfold in our lives! Happy Anniversary to those Gladys loves.

And: the suitcase is packed and double checked. Got the Sweet Potato Queens book, got the flip flops, the sunscreen and cash. Don't need nuthin else. I'll be sending pictures! TTFN

babbler said...

Mr. and Mrs. Slug would like to wish Trooper Bob and Doe and Gladys and all of her friends a very happy and fuzzy Valentine's Day! Sliding through life on your bellies side by side, with extra belly goo for smooth sailing! Best wishes to you! I loved this story! Aloha to Queenie! Have a great trip, wherever you are going!

Girly Stuff said...

What a great love story!

I'm glad they re-sizzled!

RoeH said...

What a neat post! I stop by quite often and read your blog. I like it. But this post is tops!

Teri said...

This is totally serendipitous!!