Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Somebody's Still Sleeping in My Bed

Last week I started this story and told you I would post a segment each Wednesday until it was done.  Well it's Wednesday and I'm getting a late start but as I promised here it is.  If you wish to go back and read the beginning it is here:  SOMEBODY'S BEEN SLEEPING IN MY BEDWhen we last left our duo they were in the Inn and then...

Clara opened her guest log and then looked at her key board. She pulled papers out from the desk and went through them. The more she looked the more upset she became. “Sir, I don’t know who is in your room or why but he’s not supposed to be there” she sighed. Then she took the phone and motioned for Kahuna to follow her and they climbed the stairs. They approached the room and Clara turned and said “I’m going to find out who is in there. You wait here.” She knocked once, then again. She put the key in the hole and turned the knob and opened the door. She announced herself “Hotel Management. Hello?” There was no response so she called out again. Then she flipped on the light switch and there in the big old quilt covered iron bed was a snoring man. She opened the door all the way and they could see an empty six pack of beer on the dresser and clothing strewn all over the floor. Clara walked in the room and stood looking at sleeping beauty in the bed. “DAMN-IT DELBERT! WAKE UP!” she screamed then she tried to shake the man awake. The man continued to sleep not missing a snore. She came out of the room and looked at the couple and said “I’m terribly sorry about this. That man is Delbert; he does handyman work around here. I don’t know how he got in to this room. Heck I don’t know how he got into the hotel without me seeing him. I’m gonna call Barney and he’ll come get him out.” She dialed the phone and then spoke to the voice on the other end “Edna, this is Clara. Fine how are you? Really sciatica again? Well I understand that Dan over at Apple Hill has been using one of them Pilates Balls. Yeah says it stretches it out real good. No, honey, I saw him over at the Pie Hole yesterday. Yeah he looks really good considering. I know honey it’s just sad what happened to Old Jake.” She turned to see her tenants standing in the hallway starring at her slack-jawed and a little irritated. “Um, no honey, the reason I’m calling is because I need Barney to come over he and get Delbert out of one of the rooms. Yeah, he got into one of the guest rooms drank a bunch of beer and is passed plum out. I tried to wake him but he didn’t even stir. Yeah, that’s right you send him on over ok? Alrighty, you take care and tell your Momma and them I said hi.” She clicked off the phone and said that someone would be around shortly and invited us to a cup of tea downstairs.

The couple was sitting in the lobby about ten minutes later when there was a whir of a siren and out the window red and blue flashing lights approaching the Inn. The police cruiser screamed around the corner and came to a screeching stop in front of the little hotel. The cruiser doors flew open and out jumped a guy that was about 5 foot 4 and 95 pounds soaking wet. The couple locked eyes and mouthed “Barney”.

Clara was just setting down a plate of lemon squares and refilling our tea when she saw them out the window. She quickly ran to the little mirror on the wall and fluffed her hair and fixed her lipstick. She ran to the door and opened it before the officer could reach for the knob. “Barney” Clara cried “I am so glad you’re here! Delbert is passed out in one of the rooms upstairs. I tried to wake him but he wouldn’t budge.” Barney looked around the lobby and nodded to the couple then he swaggered into the hotel hand on gun and said “I’ll take care of it Clara. Take me to the room.” Clara ran to the stairs with the officer following closely behind and they disappeared.

What will become of our tea sipping duo?  What will happen to Delbert?  Are Barney and Clara going to procure a room for themselves?  Tune in next week and read the further adventures of Little Orphan Annie, oh wait, wrong show.  Tune in next week for the final chapter of Somebody's Sleeping In My Bed.


The Texas Woman said...

I was wondering where Part 2 was! Still waiting for all the parts before I read. I have the attention span of a fly lately so I want to read them all at once!


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Oh, boy! The plot thickens.... I'm off to Part 3!